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As Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice is almost near it's release, there another movie that our beloved Zack Snyder is getting ready to work on: the eventual Justice League film. Now, with pretty much all the DC news surrounding Batman vs. Superman, a bit of exciting new concerning Justice League. Zack Snyder has confirmed that the script to Justice League is finished and is already under pre-production. But that's not what this article is about, what's interesting is what Zack Snyder says The Dark Knight Returns influenced the script for Justice League...wait what? Most of you probably shook your head on that detail because The Dark Knight Returns is mainly a Batman story. Now while there is a reference revealing what happens to the JL, the novel isn't exactly a source you would go to for a Justice League film. But there are a few themes in the famous book that Snyder could potentially be incorporating into his big superhero team up film that would further tell the story after BvS. What are they exactly? You've come to the right place.

Public Distrust

Now look I know they will be exploring this theme in BvS to a good extent, but how much? In The Dark Knight Returns, the Justice League is disbanded because of government pressure and mainly public outcry due to the fact that these "supers" are running around without a leash. Maybe in Justice League sometime after the events of BvS, the heroes and public still haven't come to a resolution yet and the public either wants them gone or put under government restriction. To me it would still be a great theme to expand on as it not only explores the public point of view but how it puts pressure under the JL to respond. It could also potentially deal with the coming out of more superheroes after the arrival of Superman and post-BvS aftermath. The public does play a substantial role in Frank Miller's famous Batman story, so it would be smart of Zack to tangle those strings a little more and see how the other heroes in the DC world deal and respond to this.

Government Pressure.

The government could end up playing a large role in how things unfold in the DC Extended Universe, starting with Batman vs. Superman. The government might look into these new heroes and discover them as either potential threats or weapons they could regulate and use in foreign affairs. But then again the Justice League and the government could have a rocky start in their relationship from what's been revealed so far. Superman clearly stated in Man of Steel he would never become a government pawn but would instead help on his own, and if rumors are right suggesting Batman is giving a big fat middle finger to the government, then there could be some uneasy tension. I personally believe that Superman in some shape or form will help the government either by his own being or by being potentially FORCED to do so (not physically seeing as of course) seeing as how Superman is being portrayed as a very controversial figure. The government was the final nail in the coffin that disbanded the league in Frank Miller's story and pretty much everyone went their own ways. Batman retired, Wonder Woman returned to Themysicra, Superman worked for the government, Green Lantern left Earth, and Green Arrow lot an arm against Superman. Now obviously the Justice League won't go through this in the first JL movie as they haven't been established yet, but the government could force our heroes to work for them or else.

Cold War type setting/Justice League tension.

It would be a brilliant move if Zack Snyder incorporated this type of Cold War tension in the Justice League movie where everybody is undecided on what to do with this newly found superhero group that assembled. So many questions will be thrown out. Who do they work for? Can they be stopped? What happens if they ever turn evil? Some of those questions might be asked regarding Superman in Batman vs. Superman, but it would be on an even bigger scale if asked regarding the Justice League. In a way, the story could be the Justice League vs. the world (Justice League being the Russia of the story) where everybody doesn't know what to expect from them and the consequences that would come if they ever became evil. Maybe with all this tension going around we could start to see the members go against each other and blaming each other for what's happening . Green Lantern, could possibly blame Batman for his way of handling crime that scared the public, Aquaman could be extremely distrustful of human beings and their ways, Flash could try to be the voice of reason, and Superman and Wonder Woman could on how to deal with the government. It would be an interesting storyline to tangle with in this sort of post-Man of Steel world that has bought everyone to the edge.

Look I know everyone wants to see the Justice League go against a worthy opponent like a Darkseid or a Brainiac and this type of storytelling risks taking away that big epic spectacle everyone wants to see, but honestly you can have the big baddie go up against the Justice League and have this type of secondary storytelling as well. It would add a lot of depth and storytelling into a superhero team up film which is supposed to have loads of action and a simple plot and give the gritty realism the DCEU is trying to add into its films. Who knows if what I presented in this article is an accurate reflection of what Snyder's doing with the Justice League film or I could possibly be way off base and he could actually just be doing something else. But I wouldn't mind it at all.

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