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With Halloween just around the corner, standing out among the crowd of scantly dressed, very loose interpretations of female superheroes and gag costumes can be hard. Instead, why not try dressing as one of the formidable and amazing female characters from movies. These characters would make any feminist smile, while also being fun to be for Halloween.

Peggy Carter from Captain America and Agent Carter Series" title="">

A hardheaded military women using her incredible intelligent and strong will to move ahead of her male counterparts, Peggy Carter is one of the most fantastic non-superhero characters in the Marvel Universe. She represents everything a hero stands for. From being selfless and strong to working for the common good, she has even rescued "The World's First Superhero" multiple times. Peggy's timeless style serves for both fashion and function, making dressing up as her simple yet effective. Cosplayers Miranda Sieber and Dan Murakowski team up to show off their Marvel ensemble at C2E2 2014.

Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the highest grossing movies of 2015. Charlize Theron's portrail of the strong, decisive, yet empathetic character has made Furiosa one the stand-out characters from the movies this year. She stands for women and their right to make their own decisions. Her post-apocalyptic garb makes her stand out in the crowd. If her steampunk-inspired arm doesn't catch your attention first. Cosplayer Jack Gabriel brought Furiosa to life at London Comic Con 2015

The Gotham Sirens: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn

"Dolls before balls" should be the motto of this group of Gotham wrong-doers. Based off of the comic series written by Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini, these women's main focus aren't seducing men or looking out for their "puddin'". Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn team up to take Gotham by storm, looking out for their own best interest whilst having each others backs. So if you're feeling a bit down that you can't be a part of a superhero couple's costume, then get two of your closest partners in crime and take the world by storm. Cosplayers Tenleid as Catwoman, Alexandria the Red as Ivy, and Ashlynne Dae as Harley embody the tempting trio.

Ellen Ripley from the Alien Saga

Setting the standard for a lot of the modern characters on this list, Ellen Ripley is the epitome of tenacious female individuals. She's incredibly intelligent, studying to be an engineer, while also being incredibly strong for choosing to join the Navy before working her way up through the ranks to Lieutenant. Throughout the Alien films, Ripley manages to do what her fellow crew-mates, artificial or alive, couldn't. Ellen Ripley embodies everything a strong woman should. Dressing up as Ripley would be incredibly fun, combining an eighties style with a futuristic look. Cosplayer AdeleKThomas dresses as Ripley at Melbourne Armageddon.

Gamora and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy

Although these sisters may not have grown up in the most ideal circumstance, they both show strength in their own ways. Fighting against her assassin instincts, Gamora grows to learn to accept and trust others. Nebula, in contrast to her adoptive sister, is willing to die for what she believes in. Her loyalty to Thanos is admirable, even though it works against every other Marvel character we love. Dressing up with your best friend or sister in these outfits will make you stand out at any event. Cosplayers AmberSkies, as Nebula, and Sara Moni, as Gamora, show off their skills at San Diego Comic Con 2015.


Which Badass Lady would you like to dress as?


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