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Does it suck?

You may have known that FIFA 16 just came out on IOS,Android,Xbox and PS4.But does it suck on your IPhone/IOS?
After playing it quite awhile,I've began to see the worst part of it.Even some people do not like it.But other than it.Does FIFA 15 is better than FIFA 16 on IOS?
Even tho,that it has a 3 Star rating from players,doesn't mean it is a good game.If you are a Compatative football gamer,you probably wouldn't like this new FIFA.People have been hyped by this,but FIFA managed to fail some people.

Failing Hard On People!

Some people like it but some doesn't.It all started on the review.It's not like they do not like FIFA,they just felt disappointed on FIFA.It could have been better.
It's is on the not bad place.So not bad.But the lagging frustrating me and others player.I almost throw my IPhone across the room.What I'm about to say is that FIFA can do better than this.Are they trying to pull out something or they are going to seat back and relax,watching the world burn.

So if you're (FIFA) reading this,could you do something about it.Thank you.

FIFA 16 suck!

For now,until FIFA work FIFA 16 out.

What do you think Does FIFA 16 suck?


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