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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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Sorry for the delay, had a long week at work. For the last challenge I picked Spawn as my favorite, non DC or Marvel, comic book movie. I am a huge fan of the old animated series, so I was really excited for this movie.

The film revoles around a murdered mercenary who returns from hell with great abilities. The Devil hoped he would be his greatest soldier and lead his army. However, Al Simmons, aka Spawn, uses his new powers to protect his family and fight the forces of evil.

The effects of this film were amazing, for it's time. John Leguizano did an amazing job as The Clown/Violator. When I first saw the film I didn't even recognize him. This a much darker comic than that of Marvel or DC. I keep hoping they do another Spawn film.


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