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[Netflix](tag:1234550) is one of the biggest online entertainment websites in the world, with hundreds of hours worth of content available. Netflix has been growing in popularity steadily over the last few years, and it looks like it will be continuing the trend for some time.

Due to this fact, the company is constantly trying to improve its services for their customers and users, by providing them with new and awesome content, spanning a variety of genres. However, recently Netflix has done something, which could very well be its best improvement of all time. You see...

Netflix can now be experienced in Virtual Reality

Photo from Netflix Tech Blog
Photo from Netflix Tech Blog

Recently, Netflix and Oculus (the company behind the Virtual Reality Gear) have been working together in order to accomplish this tremendous feat. It has a program called the "Netflix Living Room", where you can access all the content available on the website. It will also allow your friends to have a conversation with you, even if you are miles away!

The Virtual Reality Gear will literally allow you to "experience" your favourite movies and TV shows, as if you were inside them! It creates three-dimensional images, and creates an entirely new environment for you to explore! Imagine travelling through Hell's Kitchen in [Daredevil](tag:47230), or through the world of your favourite movies and TV shows!

There are various other attributes of this feature as well, including a smooth and comfortable User Interface (UI), modern looks, and a large virtual screen to view your favourite shows and movies on. However, as of this moment, it is only possible to run the program for 2-3 hours at a stretch, before the equipment needs recharging. Also, due to technological constraints, it can only be viewed in a maximum of 720p. But hey, technology is evolving faster than you think, and the day where you can experience Virtual Reality in full HD might not be that far away!

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Source: Netflix Blog


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