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There's only a month to go now until Grimm returns to our screens for the Season 5 premiere, and following the events of the Season 4 finale I think it's fair to say that this instalment may be the most highly anticipated yet.

Season 4 left us with the ex-hexenbiest Adalind Schade pregnant with Nick Burkhart's baby, Kelly Burkhardt killed and beheaded by the Verrat and the hexenbiest-turned love of Nick's life Juliette Silverton shot dead by Trubel following her part in Kelly's death. A bad season to be a Grimm girl then.

The first teaser trailer has been released now, and though it told us bits and pieces about the upcoming season most of what we've learned was gleaned from interviews with the cast and crew over the past few months.

Portland's KGW recently caught up with members of the cast in a series of interviews regarding what we can expect to see in Season 5, and they were quite telling...

Bree Turner

Bree Turner, who plays fuchsbau Rosalee Calvert, described the upcoming season as a complete reboot of Grimm that will see a return to the mythic high-stakes storytelling of the first season.

In addition to new stories, new characters will be being introduced to replace those we lost last season, including a fan-favourite that she declined to name by says starts with the letter 'M'. Meisner perhaps? It would certainly be interesting to see the Resistance returning to take centre stage in the aftermath of the King's death last season.

Answering a question posed by fans on Twitter, she addressed the issue of whether or not Rosalee and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) will have children of their own next season. Though their characters broached the issue with each other last season, she says that it's the arrival of Nick and Adalind's baby that will fuel their decision-making regarding their own family.

Turner also promises that Grimm Season 5 will kick it up not just one but twelve notches. With the 100th episode coming up and everything coming to a head after the previous season finale I don't doubt that one bit.

Claire Coffee

Everyone's favourite love-to-hate hexenbiest Adalind Schade will really be taking the reins next season as she prepares to give birth to yet another special child - this time one sired by her arch enemy.

Claire Coffee spoke about how her own recent pregnancy and relationship with her four-month old son affected the way she portrays Adalind in Season 5. She says that as a result of giving birth herself her acting was better during the scene where she births Nick's child as opposed to when she had her first child, Diana Schade-Renard, back in Season 3. She also feels that she better understands Adalind's motivations now, as she too would do anything to protect her own child.

The relationship between Adalind and Nick (David Giuntoli) has been the centre of much speculation since we first found out that she was pregnant and Coffee hinted at how we'll see that develop next season:

"We go from sworn mortal enemies to now raising this child together so that as you can expect would have some wrinkles to it. [Nick and Adalind] are figuring out a way to live with each other and kind-of work together for this child. That becomes the most important thing."

She goes on to say that she thinks Nick will be a good father due to his protective instincts, and teases a little of what we can expect to see next season.

In addition to "a lot of parenting tips", Coffee says we can expect everyone's relationships to change now as character motivations shift and become reestablished in the wake of everything that happened last season. There's going to be a new mythological storyline involving the rebellious Wesen group who are staging an uprising, and there may be other Grimms involved in that too. Additionally we can expect lots of fun new monsters, and a story that expands outwit Portland to play out on a global scale.

She finishes by advising fans to "buckle up", as Grimm Season 5 is going to be pretty crazy.

What are you most excited to see in Grimm Season 5? Tell us in the comments below!


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