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I have been playing PC games for the majority of my life. However, it wasn't until about seven years ago that I discovered the wonderfulness that is Steam, and the famous, seasonal Steam sales. But there are so many other ways to save money than just the summer, autumn, and Christmas Steam sales! You only need two things: patience, and knowing where to look! I'm afraid I can't help with the former, but I've got your back for the latter! Here are my top go-to websites for the best video game deals!

3. IsThereAnyDeal

IsThereAnyDeal keeps track of current game sales from a wide variety of distribution websites! I personally find ITAD's layout a little too over-complicated, but what makes it worthwhile is the section that lists coupon codes for buying games from the distributors! This makes the website very nice to have on hand!

2. Indie Game Bundles

This website may not interest you if you're not into indie games, but for those of you who are, you're going to love this! Indie Game Bundles is dedicated to sharing information about indie bundles of all kinds - be it games, books/comics, or music! Bundle websites are constantly rolling out new themes, so definitely revisit this site frequently!

1. CheapShark

If only one of these websites makes it into your bookmarks, it should be this one! CheapShark works very similar to IsThereAnyDeal, but is much more streamlined. In addition to listing games that are currently on sale, if you're looking for that one specific game to go on sale, you can type in the title at the top and set up an email alert for it!

This game WILL be mine!
This game WILL be mine!

For example, let's say that I want to buy Guild of Dungeoneering. All I have to do is search for the game on the website, expand the info for the correct game, and then click 'Sign up for a Price Notification'! From there, I just type in my email address, and if I'd like, I can enter the price I'd like to pay for it - we'll say $10. If Guild of Dungeoneering goes on sale for $10 or under, I'll receive an email notification so that I don't have to keep checking back or worry about missing the sale! Pretty nifty, right? Right!

Will these websites really help me save a lot of money?

Absolutely! To help put all of this into perspective, I'll use my Steam library as a reference. As of writing this, Steam has 6,567 games available for purchase. I own 436 games - 15% of Steam's entire catalog. Had I bought that 15% at retail price, I would have spent $4,971 dollars! That's $710 dollars for each year I've been playing! Just thinking about that hurts my heart!

The money spending... it hurts...
The money spending... it hurts...

But listen to this: had I bought every game for its lowest known price, it brings that $4,971 all the way down to $1,320, or $188 per year. That is a significant difference, and is absolutely worth waiting a month or two to save a large chunk of money! I promise you, if you stick with these websites, you'll be saving money before you know it! So go bookmark your favorites and keep your eyes open for that next big deal!

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