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We've all noticed the odd ambiguity in our games, however the general feeling is that as it's just a game and most of us are willing to let them slide. That is, unless you have had a few beers and the game you are playing falls fundamentally short in your real life 'specialist' subject.

One such specialist, has taken the game's devs to task by picking out the craziest element of Dying Light: the power. The power grid element of Dying Light came under extreme fire last week on Twitter by one outraged player. The general argument was that there is no actual power source in Harran and the whole thing is now, in effect, ridiculous.

Let's first forget about the fact that actual zombies are running around killing people in a totally fictional city and move onto what Dying Light player c0mpl3x1ty makes of this shocking situation.

An electrical engineer by trade, player c0mpl3x1ty took to Twitter after becoming enraged by the appalling way that the power infrastructure in Harran was laid out. Having had a few beers, they took to Twitter and called out Techland directly. I will go out on a limb here and say that c0mpl3x1ty is probably the only one out there that has paid any attention to this particular aspect of the game.

“Where’s the power coming from?” It doesn’t appear to be generated anywhere. No dams, no natural gas, no coal, no nuclear, nothing. Maybe they’ll get into that later in the game but it probably won’t. If I had to guess, that big substation will for some reason power the whole city or whatever, but that’s not how substations work. Substations move power, either stepping it up or stepping it down. Hence, transformers. They step it up to the BIG power lines, or step it DOWN to little power lines. The point is, they don’t generate power.” - c0mpl3x1ty

There's more, a lot more. c0mpl3x1ty goes on to further demonstrate their extensive knowledge of power grids and the various and many other 'c0mpl3x1ties' that come with powering a city. I won't bore you with that here.

Apparently, the fact that zombies now seem to inherit the earth -- pushing humanity back into the dark ages -- is all null and void in comparison to the health and safety standards of Harran's power company. c0mpl3x1ty goes on to say.

“The only thing more horrifying than the zombies in the game is the NERC [North American Electric Reliability Corporation] violations at these substations,” they said. “Granted, the game probably doesn’t take place in North America, but even in Brazil, they have high safety standards regarding their electrical grid because if they don’t, people DIE. If I saw one of those giant switches at a sub that looks like something out of Frankenstein’s lab, I’d shut the power down and dismantle the whole substation myself.”

Techland Responds

Now, you'd think that the mighty Techland would just ignore the ramblings of one slightly drunk player, but no. Not to be outed as a company that does not stand by their product, they have came back in the best of ways.

They first released this statement:

Ok the cat is out the bag. Yeah it’s true, our electrical systems break conventional design. But when you’re stuck in a zombie outbreak you’re going to have to adapt and therefore bypass certain “rules”. The people of Harran had to apply a really resourceful design which required the existing infrastructure to be tweaked. That’s why when you look at the current electrical setup in Harran things appear “wrong”.
We didn’t want this ground-breaking design out in the public before we could patent it, but your interest has shown us that electrical engineering world as a whole needs to know there are other ways to generate electricity despite “conventional knowledge”. Feel free to share this with your fellow engineers.

And what is it exactly that they have been hiding from public view? Due to the recent shots fired by c0mpl3x1ty, Techland is willing to show us exactly where Harran sources it's power. Enjoy.

Amazing! Don't you just love the music in Dying Light! Anyway, another mystery solved. Techland once again surpasses all of my expectations. The team never ceases to amaze and entertain me. In response to just one player they have made this hugely entertaining clip. Brilliant.

Techland has always been in touch with their customers from the general opinions of the masses, down to the lonely voice of one tipsy sparky -- everyone's experiences are taken into account and that is why Techland is many gamers' favored developer team. They certainly have my vote.

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Source: Kotaku, Techland


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