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So the premiere episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 finally aired a few days ago, answering a lot of questions that we've been asking since Season 2 ended.

Perhaps not the series' strongest episode due to the fact it was mainly addressing questions from last season and laying the ground for the new one it nonetheless struck the enjoyable balance that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become known for.

The promo for Episode 2 is below, and if you haven't seen Episode 1 yet get on that cause there's spoilers below...

"Title of our sex tape!"

The central question, what's going to happen with Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) after everything that happened last season?

Despite the rocky start (and accidentally killing their Captain) they did finally admit their feelings for each other and decide to give serious dating a shot. Which is great, it was about time there was a resolution to the sexual tension one way or another.

However the introduction of a serious romance aspect will definitely have an impact on the dynamic of the show. Before it was a parody-procedural, buddy cop sitcom with the romance aspects always being sidelines or subplots behind the wider focus on the workplace environment.

Now however the two environments are merging, we've already seen this with Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) meddling in their relationship and the lack of privacy there is definitely going to cause problems, especially for the high-strung Santiago.

It's going to be interesting to see where their now grounded relationship fits in with the general slapstick silliness of the surrounding environment and how it affects those around them. If it falters and fails it's going to have a knock-on impact on everyone else. Like when Jess and Nick break up in New Girl and are forced to continue living together and with others, if Jake and Amy can't sustain the relationship it's going to have big ramifications for the community group that exists in the workplace, and for the show at large.

"Efficiency efficiency efficiency!"

As expected, Captain Seth Dozerman (Bill Hader) and his weak heart didn't last out the episode and this plot-line will obviously feed into Episode 2 which will be entitled The Funeral.

After a manically aggressive start and the introduction of the monitoring "DozerPads" (much to the chagrin of Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa) Captain Dozerman stumbled across Jake and Amy making out and suffered a fatal heart attack in the middle of his screaming rant, causing them to initially rethink the particulars of their relationship even after revealing it to their colleagues.

And then - nightmare of nightmares - the new captain arrived in the form of... The Vulture!

Yep, Dean Winters' Detective Pembroke is taking over the Nine-Nine starting next episode and he's sure to be an antagonistic thorn in the side of the crew there, given their history and his inspiring motivational speech:

"Now I know we have our history, me Vulture-ing your cases, me telling you to eat my farts, but that's all in the past. 'Cause now that I run this precinct, things are going to get much much... worse. So suck it!"

It also looks like the Vulture's appearance may also cause problems with the budding Jake and Amy relationship, the official plot synopsis for Episode 2 hinting that the change in leadership may jeopardise the fledgling romance. Hopefully the Nine-Nine crew can stop Pembroke from Vulture-ing the precinct when Episode 2 airs this Sunday October 4th.

What was your favourite moment from the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3? Tell us in the comments below!


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