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The other day, MTV News had the wonderful pleasure of catching up with the crazy Mockingjay cast, gathering round a gently burning open fire for a chat with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

And naturally, what started off as a pretty normal conversation, descended into something much more bizarre, culminating in ultimate goofball J-Law shoving more jumbo marshmallows than should be humanely allowed, into her mouth.

But before we get to that titillating piece of information, here are two other weird and wacky things we found out from the trio during the interview:

1. Jennifer just watched Insidious and there is "no way!" she's sleeping alone

Terrified out of her wits, she claims that there is no way that she can ever sleep alone again. Because of this, Josh and Liam are obviously on 'sleepover watch.' (Can we come too?)

2. Josh loves to spit bubbles

He does this "when he's thinking." Apparently, it's kind of cool until it "lands on you!"

3. A grotesque number of marshmallows can fit in J-Law's mouth at one time!

Her prediction is that she can fit eight...

Yet, but with a little help from Liam, she manages to get in a whopping ten! Wow. That's really something.

Well, if that doesn't make you love Jennifer more, I don't know what will. This woman is an absolute genius!

Watch what else the cast shared in the hilarious interview below:



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