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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV show and comics below. Much like a walker-infested building, proceed with caution!

It seems like we've been waiting a lifetime, but finally we're at a single-digit countdown until Season 6 of The Walking Dead premieres with Episode 1, 'First Time Again.'

Yesterday I brought to you, a (fairly) spoiler-free review of what we can expect to see in the premiere episode (check it out here), however, there was one thing that I neglected to mention about 'First Time Again,' and that something just might pique that interest of many of you: Someone will die.

Rick, Morgan and new character Carter in episode 1
Rick, Morgan and new character Carter in episode 1

I know, I know, people die all the time in The Walking Dead, but the fact that this death has been singled out by Hypable makes me think it must be a pretty significant character.

So who could possibly get the chop in the opening episode? Let's check out four top possibilities:

Jessie Anderson

There are few Alexandria residents whom we have gotten to know better than Jessie, and unfortunately at the end of Season 5 the whole town learned her family's horrible secret when the abusive porch dick, Pete, was shot dead in a town meeting. However, having served her purpose in the series to show the town just how useful Rick and the gang are in the Safe Zone, will the character now be killed off? I'd say it's highly likely, and if it doesn't happen in Episode 1, it will definitely happen before the season is finished.

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel, the ultimate coward. In the final moments of the Season 5 finale Gabriel was shown more mercy by Maggie and Sasha than he really deserved. However, when his betrayal becomes known by Rick and the rest of the gang, will he live to see another day, or will he be swiftly dealt with?

Abraham Ford

We know that Episode 1 of Season 6 will have a huge amount of walkers - in fact, the episode will have double the amount of walkers we saw in the entirety of Season 5! Surely with so many walking dead around, Abraham will be somewhere in the middle of them, fighting them all off. While the big man is a valuable asset to the team, his enthusiasm for being on the frontline could be his undoing.

Tara Chambler

Tara woke up in the dying minutes of the Season 5 finale, but we still have no idea how bad her injuries are and if she'll make a full recovery. Her injuries and her supporting character status definitely puts a big question mark over whether or not she'll make it through Episode 1, not to mention that the actress who plays Tara, Alanna Masterson, is pregnant. While a pregnancy doesn't necessarily mean her character will be killed off (after all, they covered up Sonequa Martin a.k.a. Sasha's pregnant stomach quite well), it definitely makes it a tad more likely.

Source: Hypable


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