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Since the early 90s, Irrfan Khan has been arguably one of the most important figures in Indian film and television, starring in a myriad of his country's blockbusters before making the leap over into Western cinema.

Today, he has proven his credentials in Hollywood, having appearing in movies such as Slumdog Millionare, Life of Pi and most recently, Jurassic World. Yet, as with many actors before him, he didn't always have it so good.

And recently, he revealed that:

When the first Jurassic Park came out, I barely had the money to see it, and now I’m playing a part.

Oh, the glorious irony! It's almost impossible to imagine that a colossal star like Khan once looked upon those original Jurassic Park posters, lamenting the fact that he would never be able to set eyes on the dino-adventure on the big screen. And then, he only went on to play the epicenter of it all, Simon Masrani, founder of Jurassic World itself!. Here he is coming face-to-face with the formidable Indominus Rex for the first time:

Here's hoping that he continues to star in Hollywood blockbusters, an entertainment industry to which he increasingly being welcomed into. And one that he has huge enthusiasm for, recently revealeing that:

Hollywood is too planned. India has no planning at all. It’s more spontaneous and informal. India could be more formal and Hollywood more spontaneous. Indian films have a sense of celebration. Sometimes in that celebration we forget about the story, so we should give the story more respect, as Hollywood does.

Catch him next in a 2016 feature called Inferno, starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and Ben Foster. More information to follow in due course!



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