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With many articles in the past having been written about their overwhelming Disney love, it's become pretty obvious that Tumblr users have a pretty deep love and understanding of our favorite animated films and TV series. And with Disney having over 70 years in the business making generation defining TV series and films, really, who can blame Tumblr for their deep, abiding love -- certainly not me!

Take a look at these 14 things that Tumblr users found particularly funny, heartfelt, or interesting in Disney films and TV shows, and tell me which one you liked the best in the comments below:

1. When they realized why Bobby Zimmeruski hasn't been seen since 2000

Seriously, keep your mouth shut and don't ask questions about the gloves, sheesh.

2. When they found a new summer vacation plan for Phineas and Ferb

Um, sounds like a great plan? Watch out Candace, this could be pay back!

3. When they wrote what Stitch was clearly thinking

I'd totally double tap this photo on Instagram -- gotta document everything!

4. When they totally nailed what British Elsa would have sung

Somebody, please record a 'Tally Ho' version of 'Let it Go,' and send it to me immediately. I need this in my life.

5. When they brought a little science to Finding Nemo

Oh come on, Tumblr! You just had to go bringing science into this whole thing. Well, it certainly adds a new level of creepy to this GIF:

6. When they figured out which insult is a Disney villains' favorite

We were such fools that we never noticed this before! But let's not forget the other attribute of a good Disney villain: the love of the color lime green:

7. When they gave a shout out to the actual first American Disney princess

Sorry Tiana, you're great and all, but Pocahontas will always be the original.

8. When they imagined this holy union of fierce-ness

Kuzco and Elsa having a child? Prepare yourself for the most dramatic door openings and closings of all time.

9. When they knew that no one could resist this catchy number

Ok, I admit it, this post totally sent me on a YouTube binge to listen to all the Doofenshmirtz jingles. Here, I'll save you a trip:

10. When they noted this about Flynn Rider

Flyn- I mean Eugene, is definitely in the top few when it comes to realistic male characters. Prince Charming on the other hand...pfft.

11. When they totally nailed this description of Hades

Preach! Let's be honest though, pretty much all of the Disney princesses could have benefited from a sassy gay friend in their lives.

12. When they reminded us just how awesome Pixar is

Yes, yes a thousand times, yes. Unfortunately, it looks Pixar stopped doing animated bloopers after The Incredibles in 2004, though we can always hope they might bringing them back one day -- maybe The Incredibles 2 is the perfect time?!

13. When they created the ultimate dad joke GIF set

Hands up whose father (or friend with a goofy sense of humor) has made this Kim Possible joke before? Because I know it just can't be my dad who thinks it's hilarious.

14. When they reminded us all about Cody's greatest line

Cody knows what's up, don't you ever forget.

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