ByJulie Stubbings, writer at

Lego Love at Heart of Bricks

At Heart of Bricks we set out to produce something that customers would recognise as unique, quirky and loads of fun

Most couples want something 'different' and 'bespoke' that will be memorable for the biggest day of their lives

Lego's sheer popularity and versatility made it the obvious choice of media for us to use to create both a personable and fun item to place on a cake whether it be for a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Halloween or any other Celebration

We are always open to ideas/suggestions for new themes and we are constantly striving to introduce new popular themes. We want to make each order personable and unique to the individual Customer

The fun starts when designing the topper for the customers by swopping around heads, hair, outfits and colour themes. The customers also get the fun of assembling the Topper once received and being able to tweak it just as they want it - nothing is glued unless absolutely necessary!

I have had so many lovely comments from couples about our products and I feel so privileged to make just a small but just as important contribution to their Big Day

Remember everything is 'Awesome'


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