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Marvel has some of the most iconic superheroes to date, and it's no surprise that they span multiple platforms, whether it be through movies, shows, video games, toys, or (of course) books. But at this point, some of these heroes have been around for years, causing some audience fatigue. There's a simple solution to this problem, though: phase out the old heroes, bring in the new. That's why Entertainment Earth and Marvel present to you . . .

Avengers Marvel Legends Infinite Action Figures Wave 1 Case

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 Case:

The biggest, baddest, and most Marvel-ous heroes on the planet are here! Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 Case brings you 8 individually packaged 6-inch scale action figures spanning the right history of one of the biggest super hero organizations on the planet, including:








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Something not mentioned above, the set also assembles Odin. Not one Odin, but (kind of) two! More on that as we go through this review, though. Let's begin!


Accessories: 1

Articulate Joints: 16

Sentry is a badass character, who for some reason still hasn't made his MCU appearance. This version of Sentry is the Robert Reynolds version and is in "Void Form", where his eyes glow white and his face gets angry. The costume is taken straight from the pages of The Sentry (2005-2006). The cape at the back is detachable and clips into a hole so that it doesn't fall off.

Machine Man

Accessories: 2

Articulate Joints: 14

Machine Man is a fairly unknown character. Actually a robot, his powers include stretching out his legs and arms outward to 100 feet. While they couldn't make extendable legs for his action figure, they do have extendable arms. Instead of pulling on them, you instead remove the hands and place the extended arms in. The hands can still rotate when placed at the end of the rod, and they're already in a punching position. The "rod" is slightly bendy so you can adjust the position, but isn't so weak that it's flimsy.


Accessories: 2 (each)

Articulate Joints: 13 (each)

For some unknown reason, this set includes 2 Hawkeyes instead of one. My theory is that it's so that he doesn't have to use Quicksilver as his shield and can use himself instead.

*buh dum tssssssssss*

Come on, that's hilarious! Anyways, each Hawkeye comes with a detachable quiver and bow. Along with an incredibly comic accurate costume, the figures include the traditional Hawkeye mask, something Jeremy Renner confirmed a while ago we wouldn't see in film.

Iron Fist

Accessories: 6

Articulate Joints: 14

In this figure, Iron Fist shows up in his white and gold suit instead of his deep cleavage green and gold one. Much like Machine Man, Iron Fist has different body parts as opposed to actual accessories. In this case, he has four different sets of hands. You can also mix and match the hand pairings if you want for some unique combinations.

The white and gold looks so good here, I sincerely hope this is the costume he dons in Iron Fist and The Defenders.


Accessories: 3

Articulate Joints: 11

The Thor figure includes what I see as the definitive costume for Thor, kind of a merging of all his cinematic suits with some comics thrown in there for good measure (what's up winged helmet?). He has two accessories, Mjolnir (of course), and a sword (not pictured). This cape, likes Sentry's clips into his back and also harnesses itself over his shoulders to keep it in place. Mjolnir also has a rubber loop if you want that fast spinning effect (like when he transports himself). All in all, it's a great figure. Really detailed.

Scarlet Witch

Accessories: 3

Articulate Joints: 13

Scarlet Witch is my favourite Marvel character, so I was ecstatic to see her in this set (it's actually the reason I chose to review this), and her figure did not disappoint. The costume literally looks like you cut it out of a comic book, and all the details match her comic-form exactly, right down to her two hex bolts. Speaking of the hex bolts, the clip around her wrist and stays in place. Scarlet Witch also comes with a cape, but unlike Thor and Sentry, it doesn't fit into her back. Instead, you detach the head, fit the cape around her neck, then reattach the head. Because of her powers, she looks better when she's flying above all of us, as such:

I have her suspended from my ceiling so that it looks like she's hovering above everything, a decision that I'm very proud of.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Accessories: 2

Articulate Joints: 13

Captain Marvel isn't expected to make her big screen debut for another three years, but that hasn't stopped anyone from making her toys! This is my second favourite figure in the set, just because of the costume design. Captain Marvel has two accessories here, a pink flame thing that can be attached to either hand (to show power), and another head. One head is her wearing her Captain Marvel mask with a mohawk (!) and the other is a maskless one with short hair. There's also a sash at her waist, much like when she was Ms. Marvel, except it's not as flowy. It's not form fitting, but that's what makes it look so good. Like Scarlet Witch, I figured she would look good if she was flying across my room:

She does.

And of course, the character that this all has been building to (literally):

The Allfather!

Accessories: 5 (between both figures)

Articulate Joints: 14 (each - when they have legs)

The set allows you to build the Allfather, but the identity of the Allfather is up to you! On the left, you see Odin the Allfather. He has more armour and a heavier appearance (along with a tougher helmet). On the right, however, is the King Thor. He has flowing white hair, a long white beard, and looks to be thinner than his father. As you can see, you are the given enough pieces of each, but only enough legs to make one. I've chosen to make King Thor instead of Odin. Between the two, the weapons of choice are a sword, a battle axe, and a staff. The kilt-y thing hanging from there waist is firm rubber. It'll bend, but will revert back to it's original form when not being controlled.

If you'd rather here someone else talk about these amazing figures, why not check out this video:


This item qualifies for free shipping at EE, and is only $159.99! That may seem like a lot at first glance, but think about it: 10 action figures with an immense amount of detail for about $16 dollars each. Each figure is packed seperately in a big box in case you want to open some and not others, or are going to give them as gifts.

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Note: One or two pieces of the Allfather are in each box so you need to open them all to assemble Odin/King Thor.

Pair It With This!

Are these not your favourite characters? Did you really want that Vision? Or do you just want more to go with these awesome figures? Well, Entertainment Earth has you covered! Here's some more figures from the same line!

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 2 Case


  • Iron Man (2)
  • Hulk (2)
  • Captain America
  • Spider-Woman
  • Hellcat
  • Batroc
  • Thanos (Build-A-Figure)

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 3 Case


  • Blizzard
  • Doctor Strange
  • Vision
  • War Machine (2)
  • Black and Gold Iron Man
  • Hulkbuster (Build-A-Figure)
  • Valkyrie
  • Thundra

All in-stock items' shipping is free when the order is over $79, and select pre-orders are also free. If the status shows "Temporarily Out of Stock", that just means the current shipment has been sold but a new shipment is planned--but don't wait until it's back in stock to order yours, as it's always possible the following shipment will sell out, too. Also, credit cards are only charged when the order is ready to ship, so no need to worry about that.

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