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I was going to say The Last of Us should get a sequel, because I am so excited for The Last of Us 2. I can't wait for this game, but I've known for a while that there's going to be a sequel to The Last of Us. The other day, I found out that one of my favourite horror games is getting a sequel, and I am so so so so happy! Because I didn't expect it - and I seriously hope what I read was true...


I can imagine Outlast 2 to be so terrifying! I was so impressed with the artificial intelligence in the first game that I really hope it can be further improved in the second game. Outlast flawlessly created a terrifying experience by having the patients chase you down the hallway, and even find you when you're hiding in the lockers. Even watching someone else play the game and run from the patients chasing you is scary to watch! It would be great if this game came out at Halloween next year - now this is how you make a good horror game!

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