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Set to released within a few months of each other, there's no doubt that [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and Suicide Squad are connected. The exact details of the connections between the two films are still shrouded in mystery, but we've had plenty of hints that add up to a larger picture, and if we look hard enough, we might just be able to deduce how Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad are linked. Just in case you haven't been dissecting each frame of the trailers to search for clues, here's our breakdown of the best fan sleuthing can offer!

1: Joker's History With Batman

The Batman v Superman trailer established possibly the biggest link with Suicide Squad, and that's Batman's history with the Joker. It makes sense for the two characters to have encountered each other before, especially as Zack Snyder's reboot of the DC movie canon dives straight into Batman's story without the need for origin exposition. (Which makes sense - after Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, we really don't need to see this story all over again.)

This means that we get plenty of backstory to both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad that will inform the story, and give us a shortcut to the good bits. As you all probably know already, Batman's difficult history with the Joker culminated in one big tragedy: the murder of Robin!

Joker's eerie message to Batman was nicely echoed in the music for the Suicide Squad trailer, which ends with "if I'd only seen that the joke was on me." This thematically relates to both the murder of Robin, but also to Harley Quinn's origin story, which Suicide Squad will examine: tortured and turned into his villainous sidekick, Harley soon realises that the joke is on her.

What does this mean for the connection between the films? Well, it might explain Batman's appearance in Suicide Squad...

2: Batman Flashbacks

As all the villains in Suicide Squad originated in Batman's comics, it makes sense that he's tied up in their story. The trailer showed a brief flash of Batman chasing down the Joker and Harley Quinn... but when did this occur?

Hitching a ride
Hitching a ride

The Suicide Squad trailer seems to recount a lot of Harley Quinn and the Joker's time together, and it's a fair bet to say that her journey will be a big part of the film. Considering that the trailer begins with Amanda Waller describing the notion of Task Force X, with the subsequent reveal of the Squad in Belle Reve, this implies that the film will start at that point to. Which would make Harley Quinn's origins, and Batman's appearance a flashback, rather than part of the main story.

This is probably a good move on the part of writer/director David Ayer. Including Batman in too much of the plot might eclipse the characters he's trying to focus on, and turn the story into a Batman film rather than a Suicide Squad one. My money's on Batman being in less than 10 minutes of the movie. But why is he chasing down Joker and Harley Quinn? Is he seeking revenge for Robin's death, or is he just really passionate about speed limit violations? His reasoning remains to be seen, but he's probably about to apprehend Harley, leading to her incarceration at Belle Reve...

3: Batman Apprehended All Of Task Force X

Family portrait
Family portrait

In an interview with Empire, Zack Snyder revealed that Batman was indeed the one to stop all the Suicide Squad's fun, apprehending them and leading them to be incarcerated in Belle Reve. Obviously this gives them all a connection to the Caped Crusader, and a vendetta against him. Again, this probably won't have a big role in the plot (or Ayer would risk the Batman eclipse) but it does expand the universe more and give Batman's story some depth for Batman v Superman.

According to rumours, Batman is seen as something of a bogeyman in this universe, with the government reluctantly appreciating his help apprehending criminals but resenting his vigilante ways. Though the reports of this plot point are somewhat suspect, it does inform what might be the most important connection between the two films...

4: Suicide Squad Is A Prequel To BvS!

Ok, this is less of a connection and more speculation BUT it makes a lot of logical sense. If Batman really is viewed with mistrust by the government, and considered a bogeyman who has never actually been seen, then this must happen before the events of Batman v Superman.

Hero showdown
Hero showdown

The themes of BvS are pretty clear, with the government already appearing to have a big role in what happens. Speculation aside, Batman WILL have come to the public's attention by the end of Batman v Superman - you can't throw down with a godlike hero without the media going nuts.

BvS also serves to set up Justice League, meaning that by the end of the film the public, and the government, must have not only come to terms with the idea of superheroes, but will also see them as worthy protectors of humanity. This will be due in a large part to Wonder Woman, who Zack Snyder has described as "the gateway drug to Justice League". It's probable that her actions will restore faith in superheroes, and the climate at the end of BvS will be rather more favourable than when it began.

What does this mean for Suicide Squad? Well, Task Force X is more likely to be formed in the pre-superhero acceptance age than after... but what do you think? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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