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There's no doubt about it that [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is going to blow the world's socks off; and, there's not doubt about it that the DCCU is going to be a really fun superhero rollercoaster. But, there's also no doubt about it that the DCCU has some major problems that everyone hates to admit.

Whether it's going up against Marvel, or going up against creative differences, or even going up against fans, Warner Brothers is going to be fighting a constant uphill battle. Competition is welcome, but someone always has to lose; and right now, the DCCU just isn't in shape to compete.

There are ten glaring problems with the DCCU as of right now; ten problems that Superman or Batman may not even be able to fix.

10. It's Cutting Corners To Catch Up With Marvel.

All good things must come to an end, and the superhero golden age is no different. Superhero movies can only reign supreme for a time, and Marvel is using the time to slay. It's obvious the head honchos at Warner Brothers want to revel in some ten billion dollar profits too, but that can only happen during a short window of time; so, they're rushing everything. They have to make money before it's too late.

Marvel is absolutely crushing right now, and quite frankly the DCCU just can't compete. Marvel gave us five solo superhero movies AND THEN a team up movie. DC gave us one solo superhero movie and is now giving us a team up movie. That doesn't seem thought out, does it? Heck, we're going to see several Justice League members in a Justice League movie, before they appear in their own solo movies! Sometimes, I seriously worry about Warner Brothers.

9. Wonder Woman Is Carrying The DCCU (Kind Of)

Is it just me or is there way to much pressure put on Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman? For as long as the DC movies have existed, DC has been forced to survive on multiple Batman and Superman reboots. Wonder Woman tried to come in swinging a few times in her own movie, but ended up just crumbling.

Now, the DCCU has the opportunity of a lifetime. The time is right. If they nail Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman, then her solo movie could be the best thing ever for the superhero genre. The problem is that the world is waiting with baited breath to see if this is the Wonder Woman they've been waiting for. If it's not, then everything that has to do with the DCCU is going to crash and burn. If Warner Brothers cannot get even Wonder Woman to succeed in their universe, how the heck are they going to convince fans into seeing Aquaman or a new Green Lantern movie? If Wonder Woman fails, then the DCCU could very well fail as well. Because who wants another DCCU that revolves solely around yet more Batman and Superman reboot movies?

8. The Comparison Problem

I would hate to be in Jared Leto or Ben Affleck's shoes. Here's why: no matter what Jared Leto does as the Joker and no matter how Ben Affleck fights as Batman, they are always going to be compared to possibly the greatest superhero trilogy of all time: The Dark Knight Trilogy. There's no escaping it. Marvel had it easy because they had never made an Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor movie before they made the MCU. DC on the other hand has multiple Batman movies and multiple renditions of the Joker, so no matter what Warner Brothers does to set apart Jared Leto's Joker or Ben Affleck's Batman, fanboys are not going to be happy.

You can't have a Joker better than Heath Ledger's mastermind portrayal, and quite frankly, no one is going to be able to depict a better Batman then Christian Bale. The Man of Steel is already being compared to other Superman movies, Wonder Woman is obviously going to be compared to her past movies, Green Lantern won't be able to escape his past movie, and the Flash - let's just agree that we'd all rather have Grant Gustin's version than Ezra Miller's! Warner Brothers - you've got major fanboy trouble brewing!

7. Green Lantern Go Home?

I am not going to lie; Green Lantern had me gagging. It was probably the worst superhero movie I've ever seen. Looking at it's box office profit, I think most people were gagging as well. Warner Brothers hardly made any money off the movie. In fact, it could have been swallowed by a sink-hole, and no one would have thought twice.

Now, Warner Brothers is promising us a better version in 2020. Here's the problem: once your stomach churns and you gag over a movie character, that's pretty much it. Go get a coffin and bury that character a mile underneath the ground. Maybe, just maybe, the DCCU can give us a better Green Lantern; I'm more convinced we're going to leave the theater chanting, "Green Lantern, go home!"

6. DC's Movies Are Way To Dark To Make Money

Man of Steel made seven hundred million dollars. That's amazing...until you compare it with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Avengers: Age of Ultron made over one billion dollars. When people take kids to the theater, they're not going to take them to a superhero movie that's entirely dark, gritty, and tragic. You have Superman and Zod toppling tower after tower and presumably killing thousands of people, and then Superman snapped Zod's neck. On the other hand, you have some pretty epic fight sequences in Avengers: Age of Ultron and you also have a lot of humor! Kids and parents alike love that kind of superhero movie.

Warner Brothers is taking way too dark of a spin on their superhero movies to get any money. Audiences don't want constant darkness and evil. That's increasingly depressing; it's way to realistic. We come to the theater to enjoy some great laughter and epic sequences, not a brooding superhero tragedy! Get it straight, Warner brothers!

5. Who The Heck Is Aquaman?

Who the heck is Aquaman? Is that a joke? Aquaman? I know what you're going to say. You're going to say something like, "No one knew who Scarlet Witch was," or "No one knew who Falcon was." You're right. But they're a lot more grounded and believable then Aquaman.

Granted, Warner Brothers could pull this off if only they don't make Aquaman a laughing stock. They will have to nail the tone perfectly, or else Aquaman is going to look like an idiotic joke. Fanboys love Aquaman, but there's a lot of people out there who don't know who the heck Aquaman is and to them he sounds like a little kid's imaginary friend. Aquaman could be the next big superhero, or he could be the next DCCU clown.

4. Too Many Characters Way Too Soon

If The Justice League doesn't learn from Avengers: Age of Ultron's mistake, then it's going to face plant and face plant hard. Here's the huge problem: there are way too many big name superheroes set to appear in the Justice League. Half of them won't even have their own solo movie yet. So my question is how the heck is Warner Brothers going to even remotely have any character development for them and due justice to the characters without either making a) a absolutely god-awful superhero mashup movie or b) a five hour long movie with way too much exposition.

We had two Captain America movies, three Iron Man movies, two Thor movies, and an Avengers movie to set up character development before we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron. Without those, we wouldn't have cared a nickel about any one of the Avengers. There's no possible way we are going to care about any of the Justice League members without them having their own solo movies first. Plus, there's no way Warner Brothers will even remotely be able to do the characters justice to their comic book counterparts in a short three hours. It's not going to happen, and fanboys will let them know it didn't happen after The Justice League falters.

3. Two Different Universes; Two Different Problems

DC faces a really big problem that's going to come full circle and bite them in the rear. They chose to make a separate TV universe from their movie universe. Initially, that sounded promising until a problem arose. The problem is that not only are fans going to be utterly befuddled with different events and characters, but fans are also going to prefer characters rather than others. For example, what happens when we have two different Flashes running around? Will we vote for Ezra Miller's or stay loyal to Grant Gustin's?

One could argue that Warner Brothers opted for the lazier, faster option of having two different universes in order to catch up with Marvel. Regardless if that's true or not, there are going to be problems with both universes. DC is going to get double-power kicked and it's going to hurt them. Unlike Marvel, they won't be able to fix their movies with a TV show explanation or vice versa. In a nutshell, Warner Brothers just chopped off their own leg and is only begging for worse.

2. They Might Follow Marvel Too Closely

Marvel has done an out-of-this-world great job setting up an organized, linear plan for their movies. They have built a world that has blown fans minds. They set up their big bad from the very first Avengers movie, and have been working to that final showdown ever since. It's quite nice to be a Marvel fanboy right now.

The DCCU on the other hand appears to be a jumbled mess. They could scramble the order and try to set up in phases like Marvel; setting up a big bad somewhere in the future and then setting their goal on making a world changing showdown in three or four Justice League movies. The only problem is, then that people wouldn't bother watching a lack-luster copy cat version of Marvel. So what's the solution? I don't have a clue, and I don't think Warner Brothers does either. They can't follow Marvel too closely and risk losing fans, and they can't make their movies spaghetti fashion either and risk losing fans that way. It's a real conundrum.

1. The Golden Age Is Ending

All good things must come to an end. The Golden Age of superhero movies and is now, but it's starting to end very slowly. If you close your eyes you can smell it, the faint smell of exhaustion. Fans are growing weary of going to the theater every few months; they are growing weary of big guys in colorful suits destroying aliens and other threats.

With the increased output of superhero movies we're about to see this next year, there's a pretty great chance fans are going to feel winded. Marvel has a distinct advantage in that they've built their trust with fans. Fans will go see their movies because they know it's worth it, even if they are increasingly exhausted of seeing superheroes. The DCCU has a huge problem in that it's just starting. Who knows if fans are going to want to give the extra energy to see yet more Batman and Superman. Maybe they can survive, but there's do doubt about it that the DCCU is going to have an extremely rough time fighting for survival these next few years.

Yeah, I love the MCU but I also love Batman and Superman. I'm a superhero fan, so it doesn't matter if it's DC or Marvel. But we've been kidding ourselves when we say that the DCCU is going to be just fine; it's not. It has some major problems, and unless Warner Brothers manages to fix them, these problems could ruin the DCCU even before it starts.


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