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In my mind, it all boils down to one singular marriage of assets: simplicity and depth. When we look at the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama, simplicity is nowhere to be found. The manga bursts with energy and power, and Dragon Ball Z carried that exuberance to the screen. From the music to the voice acting, Dragon Ball is a chaotic storm of emotion, one that so many people furiously enjoy.

But when we enter the world of Video Games, this energy can become harmful in the genre that Dragon Ball Z exists within. Now I've enjoyed the hell out of insane games like Asuras' Wrath and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But when it comes to fighting games, and the likes of Street Fighter V, simplicity is often the key to success.

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter 5 & Successful Simplicity!

Let's take a look at Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, seeing as it was the most recent release for the franchise. Xenoverse does one thing remarkably well: fan service. From its character creation system, to its time-altering narrative, Dragon Ball Z fans are well looked after. But when it came to actually playing it, a lot of us were left wanting. The commonly referenced reason for this was ironically simple: a lack of depth. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was trying to do far too much, rather than focusing in on the game's actual gameplay!

Street Fighter 5 will continue a legacy of quality when it receives its release date in 2016. The model that the greatest fighting games in the world have adopted is almost reductive at this stage, and they've done very little over the years to expand on their simplicity. Though graphics have improved massively, 3D environments have been introduced, and various gameplay polishes here and there have moved them into the 21st Century, they're still great and simple fighting games at their core. If you played it years ago, you can pick up the new one with relative ease.

Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

The level of depth is always in the gameplay. Controlling your character and the various abilities that you can unleash in a split second is what allows the likes of Street Fighter 5 to be a potential E-sports title. You can express yourself through the gameplay, you can master it at a level that other titles don't have room for. Dragon Ball Z games have never had that depth and we'd love to see it happen - the source material is perfect for the fighting genre.

Alas, I don't think there's been a great Dragon Ball game since the days of the Playstation 2. The gameplay has never been able to compete with the masterful fighting games that are out there and the reason for this is the inherent imbalance that titles like Xenoverse have. There's far too much exuberance and madness when it comes to features in the game, and nowhere near enough depth placed into your hands.

Why Do You Want From the Release Date Of the Next Dragon Ball Z Game?

But what do you want from this franchise? Would you like to see it rise up and take on the likes of Street Fighter 5 at an E-sports level? If so, let us know what you think needs to happen in the comments below!


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