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Ah, Autumn. The wonderful time of year when we are reunited with shows we haven't seen since the passing Spring. So far we've seen the premieres to the villainous return of Gotham and the beginning of a positively inhuman chapter of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469), to name a few. On October 6th, we'll get to see the eagerly anticipated continuation of The Flash, the CW's smash hit centered around Barry Allen as he becomes the Fastest Man Alive. Not quite hyped up for the season premiere? Then let's look back at some of the best moments from Season 1 so we can get properly excited for the return of our Scarlet Speedster.

1.) The Crossover We Deserved (and Needed)

Ever since Arrow came to the small screen in 2012, superhero fans have eagerly anticipated more heroes making the move to live-action. While we got our wish when The Flash arrived, the next step was immediately clear: If heroes occupy the same universe, we'd certainly get to see them interact at some point, right? We got all that we wanted and more when Arrow and the Flash teamed up against more than one foe, and we look forward to seeing it happen again.

2.) The Flash Is Born

Throughout the first few episodes of The Flash, Barry's alter-ego is only perceived by the citizens of Central City as "a red streak" that helps people. In the sixth episode, Barry goes toe-to-toe with a bully from his past who's also the new recipient of some strange powers himself. During their final showdown, Barry unlocks a new level of perseverance and runs faster than ever before. This moment is unquestionably the one where the helpful "red streak" becomes the hero that is The Flash.

3.) Rise of the Villains

A hero is only as strong as his villains make him, and in the first season of The Flash the Scarlet Speedster had his hands full with some dangerous foes, namely the Rogues and Gorilla Grodd. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell delivered fantastic performances as the clever Captain Cold and furious Heat Wave, it was the full reveal of Gorilla Grodd in all his glory that blew the minds of the fans. We can expect even more villains to arrive alongside these familiar faces this coming season.

4.) Time Travel

How fast is fast enough? We may never know, but as Barry pushed himself to go faster throughout the show, he discovered he has the ability to travel through time. During an attempt to save Central City from a deadly tidal wave unleashed by Weather Wizard, Barry reaches a speed so great he breaks through space and time and ends up traveling a short distance backward in time, right before some crucial events that he needs to stop occur. The question on everyone's mind at this point is: Will we see more time travel in Season 2?

5.) Alternate Realities

At the incredible climax of the first season finale, we learned that not only does the show acknowledge alternate universes (a popular storyline often explored in Flash lore), but the show will even explore new characters and universes from the new realities they bring with them. Only time will tell exactly what Season 2 has in store, but the big reveal from Season 1 is that we will get to see new speedsters, namely Jay Garrick, alongside Barry Allen.

Season 2 of The Flash premieres on the CW on Tuesday, Oct. 6th!

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