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Netflix's amazing switch invention is exciting the enthusiasts.

Netflix Inc. is the biggest and largest online video content service provider in the world, with unlimited entertainment offerings to more than 50 countries and has now bagged nearly 60 million subscribers or more in the past months. It has kept on expanding and giving tough times to local and foreign established TV and streaming businesses in any part of the world. The recent few expansions include regions such as Australia, Cuba, and New Zealand that have proved to boost the company’s business.

Recently, the social media was exploding with the tweets and hashtags of "Netflix and Chill." This phrase got praise and become common in almost every corner of the world. Finally, Netflix has now taken notice. The online video service provider has just invented a literal button of ‘Netflix and Chill.’ The company claims it as one of the most amazing inventions lately.

The streaming service’s new button has launched a special Netflix Switch, which is a type of remote that will have this button. When a user presses it, his or her TV will be switched on automatically and the company’s platform will be launched. The lights will be automatically dimmed so that viewers can engage themselves in a proper binge-watching environment.

With the launch of this button, it will now be easier for all the people out there to execute the "Netflix and Chill" planning. When this started to garner fame all over social media, it became every man’s dream to actually do this. Netflix is always there to serve its customers with quality content to stream.

According to sources, Netflix has no intentions, whatsoever, to promote the cause just because this phrase got popular. It is seriously not helping all the boys out there to ‘lure their crush’ based on a movie or any TV show.

So far, the company has only launched the schematics of this switch button or the remote publicly. It is also believed that, as of yet, this switch will not be available for purchase in stores. The company is not in any mood to promote such negativity, hence -- in order to keep the boys and men at bay -- it will not be easy to get it. Reportedly, it is necessary for a person to have technical skills, as well as basic programming knowledge, to work on this switch.

However, the recent invention has excited enthusiasts, who are anxious for quality streaming and services.


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