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Disney movies are known to bring you to a place of wonder and whimsy, with stories perfect for all ages. They keep putting out animated instant classics that have every generation falling in love with Disney magic. While we always think of these stories as family-friendly, they get a lot more serious and grown-up once you think of these facts that Disney has been hiding.


Yes, Aladdin is the story of a princess falling in love with a simple street rat, but when you think about things more in depth, it gets pretty messed up. According to the Disney Wiki, Aladdin is 18 years old. Ok, that's fine, he's a young adult. What about Jasmine?

According to the very same wiki, Jasmine is "soon to be 16." So when you think of the story in that perspective, it's a homeless adult thief seducing a teenage girl and taking her on a "magic carpet ride." That's "a whole new world" of creepy.

That's right. Think it through Jasmine.
That's right. Think it through Jasmine.

If it makes you feel any better, Jasmine doesn't run away with Aladdin right away. He's too poor for her, so he had to use a Genie's magic to appear to have wealth in order to win her over. That's right kids, your beloved Disney princess is saying that you can only fall in love with a man if he's rich.

And let's not forget Jafar. This power-hungry sorcerer kidnaps this teenage girl and tries to use the power of the magic Genie to make her want to marry him. Did someone say stranger danger? That's seriously crossing the line. Whenever an older man tries to forcefully marry a teenage girl, that's an automatic red flag.

The Little Mermaid

Remember that old saying, "looks aren't everything"? Well, be prepared to throw that out the window, because the entire premise of The Little Mermaid is that looks are, in fact, everything. 15-year-old Ariel sees a very handsome older man that she instantly falls in love with, despite not knowing anything about him.

In order to get close to him, she signs a contact where she trades away her voice for human legs. She then needs to make him fall in love with her, without her voice. As Ursula says, "You still have your looks." So this teenage girl has to win over this handsome stranger with her looks alone. Good message, Disney.

Peter Pan

If you are a parent, or are planning to be a parent, or are able to visualize the mindset of a parent, think of it this way. Your kids are in their room at night. It's their bed-time, so they are getting all tucked in and going to sleep, when all of a sudden some young boy sweeps into their window and runs off with them.

He takes them to a far-off land where they party with Native Americans. That might not seem so bad, until you realize that they are smoking pipes. First Peter smokes, and then the pipe works it's way along to young Jon, who eagerly samples it.

Putting the whole 'kidnapped by pirates' thing aside (because that could happen to anyone), look at the line-up so far: A strange boy enters your daughter's room late at night, whisks her and her brothers away to a place where they smoke with Native Americans. I think it's time for someone to be grounded... indefinitely.


Nope, not even Frozen is safe. While I like the whole 'Anna falls in love with the first guy she sees' joke that they carried out through the movie, it was kind of ruined at the end. I know that Disney was kind of poking fun at their own habit of having their characters fall in love at first sight, but the gimmick gets less humorous when you see what happens next.

After her first love turns on her and she punches him in the face, Anna does the most expected thing you would expect for a Disney movie: she falls in love with the second man she's ever met. That makes it better, right?

Wrong. The movie does exactly the thing it was trying not to do. I bet if Kristoff turned out to be a bad guy, she would enlist the help of the next guy she meets in order to take him down, and then she would fall in love with the new guy. Have you no shame, Disney?

Of course the list could go on and on, like how Belle has Stockholm Syndrome, but I think I've made my point. Perhaps next time you watch a Disney movie, you will see the little facts that they've been slipping in right under our noses.


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