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The fact that Gordon Bombay, a.k.a. one of the best fictional athletic coaches of all time, came into our lives 23 years ago today is making me feel incredibly old today, too. Of course, I'm talking about the head coach of The Mighty Ducks, a classic sports film that will go down in history along with the mantra "quack, quack, quack" which will forever be engrained in the minds of many millennials who grew up with this flick.

It was awesome, too, because Disney weirdly blended fiction with real life in this movie. In the case of The Mighty Ducks, art truly imitated life, since there's a real hockey team in the NHL in Anaheim that dons the name.

Check out what the surprisingly-super-attractive cast looks like today and what they're up to now!

Dave Karp (Played by Aaron Schwartz)

Can't deny this dude looks great now. A truly awesome transformation here. Dude is straight up killing it in the looks department, I can't even front! He's done a lot of TV work recently, and is probably best known for his role as Vanya on Gossip Girl.

Gordon Bombay (Played by Emilio Estevez)

This role happened only seven years after The Breakfast Club. It was arguably just as iconic for the relative of Martin and Charlie Sheen. Talk about a legit Hollywood family. He's still looking pretty fly these days, and I'll never forget him in this inspirational father-figure role.

Jesse Hall (Played by Brandon Quintin Adams)

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and take the bait. That outfit to the left is beyond ridiculous, but I feel it. Definitely a much more refined look for Mr. Hall in today's picture. What's he been up to? He was in a short film in 2014 called Stuck in the Corners.

Fulton Reed (Played by Elden Henson)

I mean, they say nice guys finish last. He kind of played a dick in The Mighty Ducks but he's had arguably one of the best careers of any of the younger actors from the film. He's Foggy Nelson on Daredevil and also has a part in The Hunger Games franchise. Go head on, Elden!

Connie (Played by Marguerite Moreau)

So, she pretty much looks exactly the same. Another successful alum of The Mighty Ducks, she was in Queen of the Damned, Wet Hot American Summer, and Runaway Jury. She's currently in the middle of a ton of projects and has stayed incredibly relevant and busy as of late. She reprised her role on Wet Hot American Summer and was hilarious.

Les Averman (Played by Matt Doherty)

This dude grew into a cooler version of himself but probably still quite clearly himself. He upgraded the specs, to be sure, and I think he looks pretty fresh with that beard. He's more or less a bit-player but has appeared in a ton of great films over the past ten or so years.

Adam Banks (Played by Vincent Larusso)

Another super handsome dude here. Vincent Larusso has done a little bit of acting recently, but mostly is famous for appearing in the Mighty Ducks films.


On an unrelated note, the animated series was also amazing.


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