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J.K. Rowling created an unbelievably complex and beautiful universe with Harry Potter that legitimately changed lives. It goes under the radar, but there are actual Quidditch leagues now, thanks to the books she wrote. J.K. Rowling created a sport!

So, whenever J.K. clarifies things - whether it be on Twitter or in interviews, etc - people listen. She runs the world of all things Harry Potter, and is the ultimate authority on the contents within it.

Here are seven times J.K. Rowling let us know something a bit deeper that may have been unknown about the Potterverse.

1. The 'T' is silent in Voldemort's name

Game changing tweet right there.

2. Luna Lovegood is an Aquarius like me

This makes perfect sense, because Aquarius' are compatible with other Aquarians. And I LOVE Luna Lovegood, she's so kind and sweet.

3. There is an American counterpart to Hogwarts... and it's NOT in New York

If you live in the USA and want to be a wizard or witch, you're absolutely in luck. There is an American institution that Rowling says will be "revealed in due time." She also said it's not in New York, has a name "of immigrant origin" and ties to Native American culture as "indigenous magic was important in the founding of the school."


4. News outlet Mic tried to estimate the cost of Hogwarts and was wayyy off

Public education in the truest sense.

5. Uncle Vernon likes Top Gear

Random. But it makes complete sense.

6. Moaning Myrtle has a real, full name

There is just so much Harry Potter information that I didn't know.

7. Hufflepuff won the House Cup this year and it's beautiful

I'm a Hufflepuff, so this was huge for me.


Just in case you needed to feel something today, here is a clip of Dobby being set free.

(Via: EW)


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