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Gal Gadot's role as Wonder Woman might be one of the most influential superheroes to enter the movie universe in recent years: after multiple failed attempts to give the Amazon hero a solo movie, Wonder Woman will finally make her big screen debut in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), and not a moment too soon.

DC are actually getting the jump on Marvel with this one, as the MCU's first independent female hero film won't be released until 2018, while the Wonder Woman movie hits cinemas a year sooner in 2017. But we don't have to wait until then to find out how influential Diana Prince is in the DC Extended Universe! Her role in Batman v Superman is shrouded in rumour, but we can be sure she'll have a pivotal part to play...

The Gateway To Justice

Fans are eager to learn anything they can about Wonder Woman's role in Batman vs Superman, and Zack Snyder was quick to assure audiences that Diana Prince won't just make a cameo, but will have a big role to play in the plot. The trailer didn't offer us much information, but we did get a sneak peak at Wonder Woman in battle, showcasing her impressive powers and proving you really don't want to get on her bad side.

But aside from her formidable fighting prowess, Wonder Woman is also hugely important in other ways, most notably how she'll pave the way for the heroes to found the Justice League, the epic team of superheroes that will form the basis of the DCEU movies.

"She plays a super-important part. In a lot of ways, she’s the gateway drug to 
the rest of the
 Justice League."

Thanks to the lack of information, rumours really are flying about what we'll see from Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman. But from the trailers, it seems as though she'll be introduced as Diana Prince, a mysterious figure who delivers cryptic responses, raising the heroes' suspicions, but eventually coming in at the last minute to help save the day. I'm hoping this is just the bare bones of her plot, and that she'll have a bigger role than this, but that's definitely the impression we've got so far.

But Snyder's claim that she'll set up the Justice League does give us some interesting possibilities. Does this mean that we'll get a taste of that Wonder Woman diplomacy, as she steps in the break up the fight between Batman and Superman? Or will she be just too busy dealing with the other mysterious foe that they have to face, saving the world and uniting the bickering heroes in the process? Well, she might have some help on that front...

Old Heroes & Old Friends

Ok, so here's when things get speculative, but hey that's the fun of waiting for movies to be released! Thanks to an early report that Wonder Woman's solo movie would be set in the 1920s, fans are theorising that the Amazon warrior might just have been at the hero business for years before Batman and Superman were even born. This rumour has only been fed by reports from the set that her longevity is revealed by decades old photos, that Lex Luthor keeps as part of his investigation into her heroic activities.

But she might not be the only immortal superhero to team up with Batman and Superman - Aquaman has also been hinted to appear in a brief cameo that will again help to establish the lead in to Justice League. Again, there are rumours that he's also been a part of the hero world for quite some time, long enough for he and Wonder Woman to have become old friends decades before Batman started putting felons behind bars.

Honestly, I'd love for that to be how Batman vs Superman ends, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman reuniting and proving that heroes can play nice together, after the mere existence of another hero in the mix caused existential conflicts for both Batman and Superman. Plus, who doesn't want to see Jason Momoa rising dramatically from the ocean? No-one, that's who.

Essentially, Wonder Woman might just hold the key to the future movies in the DC universe, but we won't know exactly how until Batman v Superman is released next year.


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