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Just like any other passionate movie fan, I've seen some fantastic cosplay in my time. From impressively accurate depictions of Boba Fett to thought-provoking Batman crossovers, I've seen my fair share of awesome cosplay. However, today I truly believe that I've come across one of the greatest cosplay efforts to date...

...A real life Hulkbuster!

That's right, somebody actually had the audacity to make a Hulkbuster cosplay that is so fantastic, even the Science Bros themselves would be impressed. This incredible work of art comes from Extreme Costumes, who I strongly suggest you check out on Facebook for more cosplay of the same quality.

Along with their amazing cosplay inventions, Extreme Costumes also documents their process with fans of their Facebook page. Check out their incredible ingenuity step-by-step below...

The making of the Cosplay Hulkbuster:
Here it is, more than 1600 hours of work, Standing at 9'6" tall and weighing in at OMG to much...The HULKBUSTER ! Click like if you enjoyed, share if you liked :) Photography by Ian Travis Barnard photography with Thomas DePetrillo and Quin Mae - Extreme Costumes

Here's how this 1,600 hour labor of love became one of the coolest cosplay costumes ever...

Hands and Arms Assemble!

Even in the early stages, the planned scale of this costume was amazing.

Moulding the head...

Notice the smiley face in the last image. It's great to see that they had a fantastic time making this!

Testing the mechanics:

Even the way it moves is similar to Iron Man's Hulkbuster in Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Compiling this amazing outer shell

Without the red and gold, it looks more like Warhammer cosplay, don't you think?

They had trouble getting the perfect 'MCU' red

They worked with a few different shades of red before perfectly matching Iron Man's MCU version of the suit.

But after that, the suit really started to look like it belonged in the Marvel Universe!

It's at this point where we can really see just how impressive the finished product will look. This is without a doubt the greatest Marvel cosplay I've seen... and that's before it was even finished! What I really didn't expect was...

Fully working lights... and lasers!?!

Bravo, guys! This truly is an amazing piece of art. All of these images and the invention itself can be seen on Extreme Costume's Facebook page. The more attention these guys get, the more likely it is that we'll see more incredible inventions in the future. You can like their page here, and be sure to share their amazing page with your fellow Marvel fans.


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