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Based on Andy Weir's book The Martian, the film rendition by Ridley Scott is by far one of the best films of the year, topping the chart on my favorite space movies list! With those who come into it with preconceived notions that this is the second coming of Interstellar (yes, I know it has Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon), I'm gonna say it...I liked it a whole lot better! Not bashing on Interstellar at all; it was an incredible movie that pushed the bounds of a Sci-Fi flick. However, The Martian is a refreshing take on a survival film with a unique angle. The depth of the storyline really captures feelings that the characters were exhibiting in their roles. It's a beautifully told story of the best botanist in space.

Here are the three things that really made The Martian out of this world!

The Plot

The reason why this film is so great is that it's a simple story. A man stranded on Mars from an Ares mission who wants to go back home. What's not so simple, though? Making a storyline complex through character development and script. Amongst the sea of survival films, The Martian sets itself apart by putting it in the unknown -- Mars. Throughout the movie, you feel the magnitude of the decisions that had to be made and the struggles of each crew member with the extent of their commitments. Each decision was time sensitive and when you're trying to rescue an astronaut from a desolate planet 140 million miles away, you can imagine those would be some damn huge decisions, too. The flow of the story was flawless and each scene had memorable moments that led us through Mark Watney's journey. It's a film that will fully immerse you in his world, making you laugh, cheer, or cry as if he really is on Mars and not a movie screen. The details and subtleties of the film will make your heart hurt and leaving you not knowing why. The simplest of words give off the heaviest of vibes even when in zero gravity. Pushed to the limits of survival - will one astronaut beat all odds?

The Characters

Speaking of Mark Watney (Matt Damon) - that brings me to the characters. The actors and actresses did an amazing job of portraying their individual personalities, playing to the dynamic of a truly solid team. Each character played a role as a specialized astronaut in the crew and to extend their emotions, they played a role as an everyday individual as well. You will feel the fatigue and the struggles of Mark Watney on Mars and you will most definitely endure the pains of the Ares team and the crew on Earth. Every character played a distinct role and nailed it, completely.

The Humor

This movie was so smart and funny that it had me laughing more than I thought I would, or could in any science-based movie. It may have been situational and it may not have been the director's intention, but it played so well with the theme of the film. You'll catch some new age references and a bunch of older ones that'll tickle your nostalgic funny bone. Excellent script writing pulled together the amazing story, fitting the cast seamlessly into the telling of Mark Watney - you know exactly why these particular actors are bringing the literary roles to life on the big screen. All of Damon's one-liners will bust your belly with laughter. This film has a serious dose of laugh out loud moments.

From start to finish, The Martian was packed with intensity, action, and emotion. Truly a smart space movie that takes you on an journey from Earth to the Red Planet to save the one lone Martian. If you get a chance to watch it in 3D, I highly recommend it. The effects give a dazzling show and you'll get a fully immersive experience. Awesome costumes, spectacular effects, and an incredible film overall; Matt Damon continues to do great work. This is THE can't miss movie of 2015!

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