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Thomas Marsula

The movie begins with these two kids who are going to meet their grandparents for the first time. They want to document to help their mother out with connecting back with them. And that is about the only thing good with this film. The acting is boring and never attempts to engage the audience. The girl uses big words and the boy raps. That's all they have to their character. The girl ends up doing really stupid things after discovering that who they met weren't their grandparents.

The pacing is slow and cut at points and with the already dull acting the overall movie comes across as a waste of time. They attempt a jump scare about twice and they felt more like wake up calls to endure the rest of the movie. There is nothing particular scary of funny that happens in the movie. This movie fails on both fronts with its very weak presentation. This movie works the characters as if you want them do die and then they don't which an even bigger slap to the face. This makes The Gallows look like a better movie in this regard. At least everyone tried to play their part in the movie and really presented their attempts at scares in a better way.

The movie also cuts away from explaining other details it should like how the boy ends up on the floor at one point. It just cuts to him on the floor and even if he was knocked over it becomes a question of how did it take him that long to stand up. His sister was dragged into a room and locked in a room. The boy was left alone for at least two minutes worth of time to get up and get out. Instead it has him freeze do this explanation of freezing before. He snaps and kills the grandfather and when they both escape they are just fine. The ending breaks any illusion of this even trying to be a good movie. Below is rant I did and this review isn't much different. This movie is over all another weak shyamalan movie.


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