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My dream has officially happened, guys. I finally have a chance of marrying Gary Oldman! Sure he may be divorcing his fourth wife, but we all know that the fifth time is the charm.

After six years of marriage, Oldman is divorcing singer Alexandra Edenborough. Judge Maren Nelson finalized the couple's divorce on Tuesday, September 29th. The actor and his ex will divide their numerous assets, and Oldman has agreed to pay Edenborough $3.3 million.

But don't stress, friends. That sum is hardly a hefty amount, especially compared to the following couples who divorced, with one ex-spouse walking away with an insanely large sum of money.

5. Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas

Amount: $45 million paid to Diandra

4. Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins

Amount: $47 million paid to Orianne

3. Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

Amount: Over $48 million paid to Heather Mills

2. Guy Richie and Madonna

Amount: Between $76 to $92 million paid to Guy Richie

1. Robyn Moore and Mel Gibson

Amount: $425 million paid to Robyn Moore

Gary Oldman, you are incredibly fabulous. And though you might be down a few million, and a couple of assets, it doesn't matter. You're still quite the silver fox and one hell of an actor.

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