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Hey guys this is my first contribution to the site so cut me a little slack. So I am a huge fan of Young Justice and the rest of the DC universe so I had a lot of fun with this. If you are not familiar with the show it is about the sidekicks of the Justice League member forming their own team trying to prove they are more than just sidekicks. The team expands quite a lot in the second and last season, but I will only be focusing on the following characters. Nightwing, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis, Beastboy, and Bluebeetle

Nightwing/Dick Grayson

Nightwing is the former sidekick of Batman and leader of the team in the second season, and was the original Robin in the first season.

Dylan O'brien

Dylan O'brien is one of the biggest young stars today. You might recognize him as Stiles from Teen Wolf or as Thomas from The Maze Runner. Dylan has the perfect look for Nightwing and if you have seen a interview you will also see that he is super goofy and could fantastically pull off the funny side of Nightwing.

Superboy/Connor Kent

Superboy is the younger clone of superman. He is the muscle and anger of the team.

Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell is the younger cousin of Stephen Amell(Arrow). He already is playing a superhero in CW's Flash as Firestorm. He looks exactly like Superboy and as seen from his role in the Flash can play a meaner role, but with a sensitive side.

Red Arrow/Roy Harper

Red Arrow is the rebellious former sidekick of Green Arrow in the show. In the very beginning he leaves to become a solo act as a vigilante. He has a big temper and a lot of problems.

Colton Hayes

(Yes I know another teen wolf star.) Colton has played Jackson on Teen Wolf and most recently Red Arrow on Arrow. Yes that's right he already plays Red Arrow and does a fantastic job as the hero. He's got the look and the acting chops to pull off the character.

Miss Martian/M'gann M'orzz

Miss Martian is the "niece"( if you have watched the show you will understand the quotations)of The Martian Manhunter. She is very perky and awkward due to being new to Earth.

Shane Levy

Shane levy plays Tessa on Suburgatory. She has the hair and freckles to be Miss Martian and could totally rock the character.

Kid Flash/Wally West

Kid Flash is super hyper and flirtatious. He is the nephew of the Flash and speedster of the team. He is also not the brightest member of the team.

Dylan Sprayberry

(Oh look at that another person from Teen Wolf but don't worry that's the last one) Dylan Sprayberry plays Liam on as I mentioned Teen Wolf and has also played younger Clark Kent in Man of Steel. He is a little younger than the rest of the actors/actresses I have picked which would work perfectly because Kid Flash is the most immature. He has proved he can act and give him some red hair and you also have the look spot on.


Aqualad was the team leader in the first season and has always been the most adult like on the team. He has a mature and strong presence.

Jesse Williams

Jesse plays Dr. Jackson on Greys Anatomy. He is older than the rest of my cast so he will be noticeably more mature which works out great just like how Dylan Sprayberry is younger. If you died his hair blonde and gave him blue contacts he would look just like the Atalantian.

Artemis/Artemis Crock

Artemis is the "niece" of Green Arrow, and joins the team later in the first season. She is the team archer and was meant to replace Red Arrow.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloe is a big young star right now. She has already played a bad ass as Hitgirl in both Kick-Ass's. She has the look down and is an incredible actress, and she has already proved she can play a strong female role.


Beastboy is the youngest member of the team. He joins the team in the second season after a tragic accident. He is always hyper and immature just like Kid Flash but his personality actually suits his age.

Cameron Boyce

Cameron is a young Disney channel star right now. He plays Luke on Disney's Jessie. He is quite young and on Jessie plays the hyper active immature kid just like Beastboy. His acting suits the role perfectly and he looks exactly like Beastboy minus the green skin.

Bluebeetle/Jaime Reyes

So you know his face
So you know his face

Bluebeetle is a normal Hispanic boy but there is a alien scarab attached to his back. He joins the show in the second season. He suffers a lot later on due to his bipolar personality from to the scarab.

Tyler Posey

(Yes I know I promised but Teen Wolf is full of great young actors.) Tyler is an amazing young actor. He stars as Scott on Teen Wolf. He has the Hispanic look of Jaime and can play the darker moments too. He is no stranger to action and serious roles.


If you are reading this then that means you have managed to finish my awfully written(first post remember) post about the fan casting of a live action Young Justice show and or movie. I hoped you enjoyed and feel free to argue and comment what you liked about my writing and or casting picks and what you disliked.(sorry for all the brackets and all the and or's)



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