ByBrad Dee, writer at

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale continue the story that was 8 years in the making with issue number 2 of Captain America: White. But, just like in the first issue, we are left to question what is this series even about? Most of the collaborations between the two have a sense of giving us a storyline that takes place in the past, but still fills in a gap between the comics that we should have always known. Think about "The Long Halloween" and "Dark Victory", which gave us a story about Batman's past and the measures that Harvey Dent took which later turned him into the monster known as Two-Face. Now, of course it's not fair to compare that masterpiece to this comic series. But, after two issues we are getting alot of nostalgia, but really no actual substance.

I am not saying that Captain America: White is a bad comic. In fact, for what it is, it's actually a quite entertaining read. We get alot of characters from the past that we haven't seen in many years, and Loeb finds a way to take us back to the early days of these heroes and make it seem like we are living those adventures with them. I still feel that the art by Sale is not up to his normal art styles, but that might be because this series was rushed at the end to finally come out. This issue centered mostly on the relationship of Bucky and Cap, and what measures Bucky would take to ensure that his mentor and friend survives. He was forced to make some very difficult choices, and in the end, Cap was forced to try and survive for a few moments without his greatest weapon. That is what makes this series so strong. But, with no real plotline and alot of characters being thrown in, we are left with alot of jumbled messes that is turning into a story. It goes without saying, but this issue strongly continues Loeb and Sales red, white, and blue tale. Fans of their work will be pleased and newcomers should hop on board. This is only the second comic in the series, so there is no issue with trying to catch up. If you're a fan of Loeb and Sale's work and really want to enjoy some classic tales then I recommend picking this comic up. But, if you're a younger fan who wouldn't enjoy seeing a WWII comic book with your classic heroes,then skip this comic because you will probably not want to come back for issue 3. For me, I am a fan of classic stories, but I am still waiting to see what the actual story for this series will be. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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