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This article will be about the future of Spider-Man in the MCU, what I think it will add and in what way. So without further ado...

A Teen-Comedy Aspect

Now, Spider-Man is a very comedic character but it has been shown quite poorly in previous films and surprisingly it's one of his main traits in the comics. Spider-Man always uses his quick-wit and corny one-liners to mock his opponents and give the audience (or reader) a good chuckle.This humour should be a lot different to the previous Spider-Man films and more witty than a lot of Marvel films (sort of like a mix of Tony Stark and Deadpool. As for the 'Teen' part of the 'Teen-Comedy' aspect, we have already been told by Kevin Feige himself that Peter Parker will be in High-School for his solo film in 2017 and he will most likely remain there for at least the majority of his most probable trilogy. This means Marvel can highlight the struggles of being a teen and tie it in with his stressful day-to-day life in funny and creative ways. This can make teens relate to him a lot more as he can really be seen as a normal person (with superhero powers of course...) and be a good way to get the attention of that audience. Spider-Man is also an interesting character as he is the kind of character that is portrayed as the guy that anyone could be if they had the right attitude (and got bitten by a radioactive spider... still working on that part...). Onto the next topic!

Oscorp (and Norman Osborn)

I think Oscorp will make up a lot of the future of the MCU and here's why... Oscorp is such a big part of the Marvel comics because so many villains originate from it and it has so much power over many stories in the comics (and not just Spider-Man). A lot can be done with Oscorp and it could be building ever stronger as the storytelling goes on. How cool would it be to see Norman recruit Darren Cross (Yellowjacket) to design a device, Obadiah Stane to build it and Ultron to create it's AI?! Very cool indeed. There are endless possibilities to what can be done with Oscorp in Spider-Man alone, let alone the entire MCU! The previous Spider-Man films have barely scratched the surface of all the creative things that can be done with such a powerful and influential corporation.

Miles Morales

I. Love. Miles. Morales. I'm not sure what it is about his character but I just find his story-arc very compelling. I think many things can be done with his character progression and it would be especially interesting to see *Vert Mild Spoiler Alert and Only a Spoiler if You Don't Want to Know Anything About the Comics and a Possible Story in the Films*

Peter Parker die and Miles take up the mantle.

This is something that many non-comic book fans will not know of and will shake things up a bit. I'm thinking with a few tweaks to the original story, they could have a Miles Morales TV show and build it up to his own solo-film and chance to be in the Avengers. I think the TV show should be about Miles training and stopping small crimes, building his way up to a big villain and being able to fight alongside the Avengers. I would love to see an awesome Spider-Man training montage with moving targets, catapults and ingenious contraptions! Always nice to watch a character progress.

I believe Marvel will make Spider-Man loved again and people will see him for what he truly is, a witty, dorky and ever-so-responsible kid!

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Which aspect of Spider-Man do you think the MCU needs the most?


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