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Now I have seen quite a few prediction on how these CBM will fare in 2016 so I thought why not give it a shot myself. There are 8 CBM movies coming out next year and that is the most number for these types of movies to be out in a single year. We comic book fans are really blessed that we are heading into an era where CBM will be a very regularly put out every year.

These are the 8 movies on which I will be making a prediction:

  • Deadpool - February 12
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - March 25th
  • Captain America: Civil War - May 6
  • X-Men: Apocalypse - May 26
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell - June 8
  • Suicide Squad - August 5
  • Gambit - October 7
  • Doctor Strange - November 4


This one will probably be a fan favorite judging by what Fox are doing with this. Ever since the first trailer for this has dropped interest in this movie has sky-rocketed. The one thing i will say is that the marketing for this movie is being done very well and in a very unique way. Ryan Reynolds really wants to get this character done right with past failures. Now this film is rated-r and there are doubts of how well can this movie do in the box office. I am not worried at all given the fan-base and general audience that may go to watch this film. Remember that the Kingsman movie pulled in 412 million dollars in the box office which for an R-rated film is a success.

The competition that Deadpool has that month will probably be Ben-Hur which comes out towards the end of the month and probably Zoolander 2 which comes out the same week as Deadpool. With this I expect Deadpool to make around 400-450 million dollars with all these things taken into consideration.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is my most anticipated movie and I have been waiting for this one ever since it got announced in Comic Con 2013. 3 years is a lot to wait for the 2nd movie in this DCEU/DCCU but I feel it will definitely be worth the wait. It's hard to imagine that this movie would have been out by the summer of 2015.

This blockbuster doesn't really have any real competition I feel till Cap 3 which is almost 1 month and 2 weeks away from this. It benefited a lot when it moved away from that May 6 spot because it gives it a lot of enjoyable time in the theaters. Literally everyone and their grandmas will go to see this movie because these 2 are probably the 2 most iconic characters in the comic book history. Even the general audience whether they are actually interested in this movie or not will know of these 2 characters. Now given everything into consideration I think this movie will make around 1.3-1.7 billion dollars. I mean its safe bet that this will make a million, but then we will have to wait and see how well it will endure during that May period of time which could be quite tricky.

Captain America: Civil War

This is also going to be a huge movie for the MCU even though it is a Captain America movie. Given that the Russo Brothers are back to direct this one increases my faith in this movie. The Winter Soldier is probably my favorite Marvel movie and the tone of a kind of political thriller that was taken was brilliantly done. Now I am more of a DC fan but I will not deny that I admire Marvel with what they are doing and I quite love a few of their movies. Characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man are going to make their debut in this film and I have no doubt that the way they will be introduced will be very well done even though Spider-Man as of yet has not been marketed and that I feel is a very smart thing on Marvel's part to do.

Now this movie has quite a bit of competition in May itself with The Angry Birds Movie out on the 20th and X-Men: Apocalypse out on 27th being its main competition. Alice Through The Looking Glass is another movie which can cause trouble as the first one made 1 billion dollars which is crazy. But i feel as though with the Marvel brand itself and this movie contains a lot of characters that you could call it an Avengers movie. Although i really hope it stands as a Captain America film. This one is really tricky with the movies that are coming out in the following weeks. My prediction is that this movie will make around 1.1-1.5 billion dollars given the circumstances.

X-Men: Apocalypse

I loved Days of Future Past and most of the people will probably agree with me that this was a solid film. I came out of theater being in awe of how good that movie actually was. It exceeded my expectation of this movie to be honest. Now the costumes in Apocalypse have been very good. A lot of people din't like how Apocalypse himself looked and it's rumored now that they have changed his color. I really do not care about these aspects as when I see the film I think Apocalypse is going to come out great, mainly because I trust Brian Singer.

This film has Alice Through the Looking Glass coming out the same week as the movie itself so that is going to be very interesting to see because Alice In Wonderland made 1 billion dollars which i really don't know how it made that much. Then in the coming month June there is Warcraft and Finding Dory which i feel will pull a lot out of Apocalypse. It may just exceed DOFP so I feel this movie will make around 740-780 million dollars mainly because of the problem it could have in the long run.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell

I have seen the first one and it was OKAY. It was nothing great. The action sequences were pretty good but the overall movie was nothing spectacular and this is probably the least excited I am from the 8 movies for this one. I din't even want to put this on the list but since TMNT is a comic book property well...I will comply.

In the space of a month the competition that this film has is quite trouble for it. Warcraft, Finding Dory and Tarzan. That is all I need to say for this. The first movie did quite well actually bringing in 485 million dollars. The 2nd installment will not even touch that mark i feel. This movie will make around 300-350 million dollars. Although I could be very wrong since a movie like this may do well in China maybe.

Suicide Squad

The 3rd movie in the DC universe is a quite a bold choice and move by Warner Brothers to put out. But I feel as it's actually very smart to put out a movie which introduces a lot villains and a few of these villains could very well appear in future DC movies which is genius on Warner Brother's part. Cap Boomerang in possibly The Flash(2018), Killer Croc and Deadshot in a possible Batman solo film. There are a lot of possibilities as these actors sign on for possible multiple films. Everything from the Introduction of Harley Quinn to the new incarnation of The Joker looks perfect. I had no idea how they would pull something like this off but after watching the Comic-Com trailer I have faith in this film.

Now in terms of the competition for this film, there is very less competition. Pete's Dragon is one movie to watch out on August 12. But apart from that I feel as though Suicide Squad could have quite a good run in the theaters. Having The Joker in the movie will certainly bring in a lot of audience and BTW I think Jared Leto will smash it as The Joker. I think this movie will bring around 750-800 million dollars which for a movie of this caliber is a success.


With director Rupert Wyatt gone, Fox really need to hurry up if they want to release the movie on October 7. But that is exactly what's not needed. Take your time to find the right director and delay the release date if necessary. Don't do a F4 again, I am sure Fox have learned from their mistake now. Now Channing Tatum is a good choice for Gambit. I would have been fine with Taylor Kitsch playing it again but I see that they have gone for a little bigger name and that's fine.

Now the competition that this movie has is Inferno and Jack Reacher 2 which both come out that month. You could also consider The Accountant which comes out the same day as Gambit. These movies will take out a lot of money for themselves and do well. Plus this movie will not have as big of an audience that a movie like X:Men may have. My prediction for this film will be around 340-380 million dollars. I really thing it will not make for than 400 unless the first footage of this comes out and people are blown away.

Doctor Strange

This is probably second in my list of CBM movies that I am most excited for. From the casting to the description of some of the things being said about this has surprisingly sky-rocketed my expectations for this movie. This may be Marvel's most visually stunning and beautiful movie yet. Scott Derrickson is a great choice to direct this as his horror aspect will make this make film really special and different from the rest.

In terms of the competition that this movie will have there will be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which I think will do really well in box office terms and then there is Moana which is a Disney movie and as an animation movie you can expect it to do well. This is another tricky one but I feel if the movie can stand out to be something special and great then it will have no problem raking in about 720-780 million dollars.

Well that was it for my prediction of these great 7(ahhhm) movies coming up next year. What do you guys think about these movies and how they will fare in the coming year.


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