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When I think of Back to the Future; I think of a movie that put story and chemistry between it's actors first and worried about special effects later.

Michael J Fox is timeless and endearing to watch as Marty McFly. A kid who just wants to have fun and learns that there are consequences to his actions of changing history by interacting with his parents when they were teenagers.

The movie has a lot of heart and comedy in that makes you care about the characters with all their little personality traits and quirks.

Christopher Lloyd is just a treat to watch as Doc Brown with his eccentric and energetic performance as the man who invented time travel in 1955 with the Flux Capacitor.

Tom F Wilson is just a guy you love to hate as Biff Tannen as he just has the typical cliches as a classic bully/heel/villain by getting his quips wrong, not really looking before leaping and just having this blockhead of an attitude.

The thing that I find most pleasing is that 30 years later this movie is as awesome now as it was when it was first released in 1985. And ironically it's 10 times better than most modern pictures out there.

I think that's down to the fact that Bob Gale & Bob Zemeckis ironed out their story first and worried about visuals later, which unfortunately seems to be a growing trend these days.

Back to the Future will live forever.


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