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Dude, I just finished watching the first two episodes of Gotham on, and man it was awesome!

There are many things that I can talk about between the two episodes like:

  • Do I think Barbara is becoming Harley Quinn as many have rumored and theorized
  • The newly appointed Commissioner Essen (who in the comic books is Gordon's second wife) is killed off the show, which also kills the possibility of them getting together in this story arc.
  • Why is Victor Zsasz and future Cat Woman working for Penguin.
  • How will Jim Gordan keep a clean conscious after the things he's done for Penguin as an owed favor
  • The struggle and then newly committed alliance between Bruce, Alfred, and Lucius Fox
  • The whole skitzo thing going on with the future Riddler

But what caught and kept my attention most of both episodes is how well Jerome does the Joker. Well, technically it isn't even announced that he is actually the Joker as some say he could be the Mad Hatter. I highly doubt that. The Gotham writers have clearly shown this persona of Jerome to be the Joker.

He's got the laugh, the crazy smile, the attitude, the facial expressions, the body movement, the voice, and much much more! He was TOTALLY believable to be the Joker. Everything he did was just classic sick and twisted as the Joker has always been and will be.

What do you think? Do you think Jerome's portrayal of the Joker stole the show these first two episodes? He is, after all, THE BOSS!

Let me know what YOU think in the comment section below.


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