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There are very few films that make my palms physically sweat when I watch them in theaters and The Walk is definitely one of them. From the visuals to the acting—this is a film that will have even the biggest adrenaline junkie feeling vertigo. And for those who want to experience it in full, you need to watch it in IMAX 3D. You. Need. To.

I consider myself a film lover. I try to see as much as I can. As a movie fan, I was greatly surprised by Robert Zemeckis' newest film The Walk. The world he creates will give you the sort of anxiety you can only feel if you're about to do the tightrope walking yourself.

The Walk is the true story of a young dreamer, Philippe Petit, and a band of unlikely recruits who together achieve the impossible: An illegal wire-walk between the immense void of the two World Trade Center Twin Towers.

I have to confess, I had my doubts before watching the film. I asked myself, "How are they going to build an entire movie about a guy walking on a high-wire? Won't that be boring?" Boy, was I wrong.

Robert Zemeckis (yeah the same director of Forest Gump, Back to the Future, Cast Away and The Flight) managed to create another great film with another memorable character, this time played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Even though the character is your typical Hollywood standard of a "good guy," this, like all other Zemeckis' characters, feels real—real dreams, real emotions, real connections.

The director, who has previously worked on other 3D films like Polar Express and Beowulf, assertively used the correct tools to create a visual experience that takes us to the top of the World Trade Center to feel and live exactly what Philipe Petit experienced. I brought along two friends of mine (who hate 3D films, by the way) to a 3D IMAX experience of The Walk and they loved it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt been trained by Philipe Petit.
Joseph Gordon Levitt been trained by Philipe Petit.

In the same way that you'd need to sit court side when watching a live basketball game, in the same way that you'd need to be in the first few front rows for a concert, The Walk needs to be experienced in IMAX 3D.

Make sure to catch The Walk in IMAX 3D now!


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