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Oh,boy.....let me state first off that I am a huge Thunderbirds fan that was part of the re-run Generation when it began being re-run on BBC back in the early 90's. Series Creator Gerry Anderson was well ahead of his time in the mid 1960's when he originally aired this supermarionation series that starred a family of heroes that ran International Rescue that was dedicated to saving lives.

The theme of that is still present in this 2004 train-wreck, but it strays way too much into spy-kids territory, which is the polar opposite of what you want a Thunderbirds movie to be about.

Sophia Myles, Ron Cook, Bill Paxton & Ben Kingsley play their roles pleasantly enough to where you can enjoy it without being irritated. Whereas Brady Corbett as Alan Tracy is insufferable from start to finish. Fortunately his original counterpart in the TV series is a lot more likable.

I could get into the aspects about the other Tracy Brothers but they don't seem to get the time of day, save for John on Thunderbird 5 who got more interaction with Jeff than Scott, Virgil & Gordon combined.

The only real pluses I can take away from this mediocre attempt at a live action attempt of the iconic TV series are the Thunderbird craft themselves looking very photo-realistic.

And that's where the good stuff ends.


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