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Watchmen is a classic right? Alot of people have said that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has a strong Watchmen vibe to it. At first I didn't believe it but when i saw the film a couple days ago, BvS did have some similar visually and storytelling aspects to it. Now!!!! I'm not saying Batman vs Superman is a carbon copy of Watchmen but it does share some interesting things with Zack Snyder's infamous film. What exactly? You've come to the right place.

Superman/Dr. Manhattan.

Zack Snyder's interpretations of both of these characters are very similar in eerily ways. In both of their respective universes, these two powerful figures are both viewed as gods throughout the entire planet. While they're both powerful figures that are very conflicted within themselves but still have to deal with the issues that are present that requires their aid. I really like the imagery between these two characters as the god-like symbolism is present really shows how the world views these godly figures.

Clever Larry Fong.

Batman/Nite Owl/Rorschach

Snyder's Batman is very similar to Rorschach in many ways. There both cynical, weary, burnt-out, and grew tired of the cost they kept fighting for, but always maintain the fiery moral code that still drives them as forces to be reckon with when fighting for justice. Rorschach is "resurrected" when the Comedian is killed and heroes are starting to get killed off one by one. And Snyder's Batman is reborn when he sees the destruction of Metropolis right in front of his eyes.

One thing for certain is no matter what they will always do good and try to defy the odds as best as possible.

Batman and Nite Owl are one in the same also in many ways. They both grew weary of the cause they were fighting for and didn't believe they were helping out anymore. Both for some reason, the fire in them just kept calling them back to the job for their respective reasons. Once again, i love how Snyder is making the parallels between the characters from Watchmen and Batman vs. Superman.


Who's held accountable? These are issues that are being explored in Batman vs. Superman and that was held in Watchmen. In both films the public has a strong distaste for heroes as the feel like they cause nothing but trouble and mayhem which isn't needed. The government is then forced to disband these groups and all of them go their own paths. Now the way it being handled was different in both movies but the message is still the same.

Zack Snyder is often given crap for not having enough substance in his films but i strongly disagree with that. Snyder is able to successfully portray real life themes in movies where it should be fantasy and mind blowing action and that's it. Even though Man of Steel was a critically divisive film, there no debating that it didn't raise alot of questions. What if Superman was real? Can the destruction be justified? Did Superman have to kill Zod? These were the type of questions we were all asking. I have a feeling Batman vs. Superman might raise us to ask alot of questions as well(In a good way of course). But it no doubt that Batman vs. Superman has a strong Watchmen vibe, visually and storytelling wise.

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