ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

What is it about THOR? No one of note seems to want to direct the series. Perhaps it deals with the Natalie Portman curse?

The third film in the series, THOR: RAGNAROK, finally has a director with Taiki Waititi. If you just said "Who?", you're not alone.

The inconspicuous Waititi is known for his one, luke-warm received comedy WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Talk about cult followings.

THOR went through several top name directors, but all of them bailed at various stages of negotiations. Could this have something to do with the Disney infused mandates currently handcuffing Marvel films?

Marvel used James Gunn and Joe and Anthony Russo, primarily comedy directors for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, respectively. Both of those turned into hits, though GUARDIANS is still considered a comedy. Perhaps Marvel is going to the well too often? Perhaps Marvel sold it integrity by absconding with the multitude of money Disney threw at its key executives? Perhaps star Chris Hemsworth plans to fill his contract with this third film, and then bolt.


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