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Wealthy, egotistical, hot-headed, misogynistic, and very adamant that intrusion from illegal aliens is intolerable. Sounds like I'm discussing Donald Trump, right? Well, I am; except for one minor detail... I'm not. I'm actually referring to Superman's arch nemesis, Lex Luthor! However, the parallels between Lex and Donald Trump couldn't be more striking. Let's take a look at just how many connections there really are between the two!


Lionel Luthor and Fred Trump
Lionel Luthor and Fred Trump

Both of these men came from wealthy families, but each had to make a name for themselves by getting out from beneath the thumb of their fathers. Frederick Trump and Lionel Luthor both owned successful companies which they hoped to pass on to their respective son - Frederick in the real estate business and Lionel in the fertilizer business. However, Lex and Donald both quickly showed other interests which led directly to them crawling out of their fathers' shadows and into prominence of their own. Donald Trump became famous as an architect while Lex turned his attention to building military technology.


Lex Luthor is known for being less brash than Donald Trump, but certainly no less obnoxious. Lex merely masks his obnoxious behavior with a veneer of dry sarcasm while Trump does not mask his behavior at all. Both of these men are extremely egotistical, caring only about what they want and not bothering with whoever they need to step on to get there. Mercy Graves notwithstanding, Lex is known for being almost as misogynistic as Trump; in fact, he doesn't believe Wonder Woman should be part of the Justice League or that Lois Lane and Vicki Vale are anywhere near the reporters that Clark Kent and Perry White are. Trump has been getting a much-deserved media flogging recently for bad-mouthing fellow Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina just because she's a woman. Another common trait of these two is that although the media claims to hate their guts, it just can't seem to get enough of either one of them. As Jimmy Fallon said in his Trump impression on The Tonight Show, "The media loves me. They try to act like they don't, but they do! They say they're done, they say they've had enough! But yet, they keep coming back for more!" - As silly as this statement seems, it is frighteningly true.

Political Viewpoints

Lex ran for president and won successfully on a platform of promoting technological progress, while Trump is running on a platform of building a wall to get rid of illegal aliens. Both of these men are well-known for their hatred of such aliens. Trump hates illegal immigrants in general while Lex hates Superman specifically (and yes, Superman technically IS an illegal alien!). Both started out as dark-horse candidates, coming out of nowhere with a surprising chance of victory, but Trump's campaign has certainly been lagging recently and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said that Trump will more than likely "not receive the nomination".

The only major difference between Lex and Trump is that Trump has hair. But Lex really wins because he's adding by subtraction! (Thanks to my good friend Jake for pointing that out to me!)

What do you guys think? Is Donald Trump a real-world Lex Luthor? Comment below!


Is Donald Trump the real world's answer to Lex Luthor?


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