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When the finale for the first season of Star Wars Rebels brought back Ahsoka Tano from [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](tag:200641), the former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, fans went into a frenzy -- celebrating with fan art, and a trending topic, "Ahsoka Lives". Today, at the Star Wars Rebels press day in Los Angeles, I sat down with Dave Filoni to talk about the return of the character, and what her future held.

He explained Ahsoka's role amongst the cast, and though she's no longer a main character, her story is both meaningful and directly connected to that of the crew of the Ghost, thanks to the presence of Darth Vader.

[Returning characters] have to make a direct impact on our 'Rebels' characters. Ahsoka allowed us a connection to Vader, so we could bring Vader in and then also have someone that uses the Force, that was very well-trained, that's not like Kanan, that gives Ezra someone else to look at -- and honestly, if we wanted bring Vader in, they needed help of her magnitude.

Filoni, a long-time Star Wars fan and dedicated geek, then veered into an analogy that totally made this gamer's day:

I mean, you can't play 'Dungeons & Dragons' with a bunch of level fives and fight someone that's Level 100. So, you have to go find your brother who has a friend who has a character that's at least level eighty so that you have a shot. There's a completely inside analogy for someone.

Separate from the main storyline, Ahsoka has her own mission: finding out more about Darth Vader, the man that (unbeknownst -- but possibly suspected by her) once was Anakin Skywalker, her former master.

Filoni also explained his reasons for the return of Ahsoka's former comrade, Captain Rex, who will star in a two-episode arc along with former soldiers Wolffe and Gregor.

... it was easy with Rex to see that the Kanan connection was there. They both fought in the Clone War, they ended up on opposite sides of the Clone War, and how that conflict could affect Ezra grow was clear.

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels premieres on October 14.


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