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Just a few months ago J.K. Rowling answered the burning question as to which Harry Potter fan theory she liked the most. Although she didn't confirm it, she did say that it was beautiful and fit nicely into the world she created.

The theory suggested that our beloved Professor Dumbledore was acting as Death - from the Three Brothers story - throughout the series. Having had a hand in the deaths of three people whose characters paralleled the three brothers, Professor Snape, Lord Voldemort, and (temporarily) Harry Potter, she's right in saying that it fits.

Today, the prolific author took to social media again, but this time to debunk some fan-favorite theories that have been swirling around the Internet for years.

So which of the many, many theories are finally getting the axe? She officially announced these two to be false:

Ron is not a time-traveling Dumbledore

Draco is not a werewolf (and Snape is not a vampire)

Furthermore, Cursed Child will most certainly not be a prequel.

Rowling wanted to take this time to make herself loud and clear (again) that the upcoming play is definitely not a sequel.

And just for good measure, she also decided to weigh in on the question we've all been wondering...

What does Snape smell like?

I guess answering the internet's questions on Twitter is just another day in the life of one of the world's most famous authors. In any case, I'm glad she's still around to answer all of our questions, no matter how silly.

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