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Now that The Last Ship has wrapped its 2nd season, fans are looking ahead to what may be ahead in season 3 (TNT has already renewed it). Season 2 did a good job of not leaving many loose ends to be tied up; for the most part the immune threat has been defeated and its leaders killed or captured. It’s a sure bet that the immune's will pop up again to cause trouble here and there, but their presence as a major threat is over. So what’s next for the crew of the Nathan James? Here are 4 things we want season 3 to explore!

1) Already formed government

Founding the new United States was great, but the Last Ship has never been a political show, season 3 needs to only spend a little time on establishing the new government. When season 3 begins, the new government should be already formed and ready to go by the end of the premier episode.

2) Exploration

Season 1 was great because we got to see the world from the eyes of the crew. Episodes took place in Grantonimo bay, Nicaragua and many other locations. We got to experience new locations and new people almost every episode. Season 2 stayed for the most part on the United States coastline. Season 3 needs to take the Nathan James global again, maybe send them on a mission to Africa or Europe. The Last Ship is a momentum driven show so it needs to keep moving and exploring.

3) Better Villains

Season 1 of the last ship starred the Red Flu, the Russians and Niels (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) as its main adversaries and they worked very well giving different kinds of challenges to our heroes. Season 2 brought back Niels and added the Ramsey brothers (Brían F. O’Byrne and Nick Court) and Kevin McDowell (Patrick Brennan) as its primary villains. The Ramsey brothers never really clicked in season 2 and the show failed to use Niels and McDowell properly as they both were able to project menace and danger. Season 3 would be better to create a few big “baddies” that the show can face, perhaps a mad scientist, pirates or warlords would be good. The danger in having a villain survive over the course of the whole season is burn out, and it only makes sense for a traveling show like the Last Ship to have multiple bad guys throughout a season. So, I suggest keep it simple and have multiple threats over the season.

4) More Character Centric Episodes and Flashbacks

The Last Ship has a lot of very interesting characters, season 3 needs to have more episodes that follow a specific character on an adventure. While we all love the Captain and Dr. Scott, let’s allow them to sit in the background for a few episodes and shine the light on some lesser known characters. What would also help with getting to know characters would be the use of appropriate flashbacks of life before the Red Flu; I can only imagine how much more we would have cared about Lt. Ravit Bivas (Inbar Lavi) death had we been shown some of her life and experiences prior to the Red Flu.

So, there is the list of the 4 things we want to see in season 3 of the Last Ship! Did we miss anything you want to see? If so, leave what you want to see in the comments. See you next season!


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