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This weekend I saw a little movie by the name of The Martian. Even though I tried to keep my opinion unbiased until the movie started, I'll admit that I definitely went into the theater with high hopes- and I was not disappointed!

As far as space exploration/survival movies go, The Martian is ahead of literally any other movie made in that category for me! A risky thing to say I know, especially since I probably haven't seen every space exploration/survival movie ever made, but I'm willing to take such a risk for this movie!

The Martian, based on the novel of the same name, stars Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut who is left stranded on Mars after his crew presumes him dead during a storm. With the next ship not coming for another four years, Mark is forced to adapt and survive by himself on a desolate planet with limited rations.

I won't spoil a lot about the movie, because this is one you'll definitely have to see for yourself spoiler-free. But I will say that the film is an incredible journey with a premise that despite being simple (man on Mars, man needs to get off of Mars), is enthralling, engaging, suspenseful and surprisingly funny!

Seriously, if you haven't bought your tickets already, go directly to whatever theater you live close to and purchase them! Just, maybe not for tonight. See, I would love for everyone I know (and don't know for that matter) to go and see The Martian as soon as possible, but it seems that nature doesn't feel the same way.

Why do I say that? Well...

The Martian's Opening Weekend May Be Ironically Bad...

This is a picture of Hurricane Joaquin, the large storm that's rocking the East Coast, and causing actor Joaquin Phoenix to be the butt of the internet's jokes. It's also presumably going to cause The Martian a ton of money during its opening weekend!

The Martian has gotten nothing but great word-of-mouth, with critics and regular audiences alike loving the heck out of the film. But despite this success, the movie may end up performing poorly in the box office due to natural causes.

As much as people want to go see the movie this weekend, should the storm get worse than it already is, there's no way they'd be able to get in their cars and make it to the theater. While this certainly won't affect the movie overall, poor numbers during its first weekend would be quite the blow.

So how much damage are we talking about here? Well, considering that Hurricane Joaquin has reached Category 4 danger levels (pretty dang dangerous), and that it's on its way to New York City, experts have estimated that it will cost the film millions of dollars in lost receipts! NYC is a big market for films, so if theaters close down for even just this one weekend, that's a devastating loss for The Martian.

So Why Is This Ironic?

So here's where I try and bring a little humor and motivation to this otherwise sad news. The Martian is a space/survival film about one man who gets caught in a storm on Mars, and everyone assumes that he's dead. Despite the impossibility of his survival, he lives through the storm and awakens to find himself stranded on the red planet.

Things seem grim for him, with no way home and no way to contact NASA. But despite the odds being completely against him, he manages to not only survive on Mars, but return home to Earth as a hero!

Now, in real life, The Martian is going through almost the same thing. A deadly storm is threatening its survival (a.k.a it's survival in the box office) and most would definitely assume that this will damage or even kill the movie. But The Martian is a movie incredible enough to withstand this storm, and overcome it! Sure, it may be low in the box office this week, but when the storm clears, The Martian will be still be there standing, ready to entertain audiences all over the world!

You can definitely expect its box office numbers to rise in the next few weeks!

So go ahead storm, do your worst! The Martian isn't going anywhere anytime soon! And if you're interested in seeing the film (because how could you not be?), I encourage you to wait out the storm if it's close to you, and go check out The Martian as soon as the weather is clear enough to!

There aren't a lot of movies I'd be willing to see ten times in a row, but I'm willing to see The Martian twenty times if the opportunity ever presented itself! It's funny, thrilling, and for you science geeks out there like me, it's super scientifically accurate! I highly recommend it!

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Source: CinemaBlend

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