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Hello readers! Cj here again with the second to last day of my "5 Day Gif Challenge". I'm starting to run out of good gifs to use. Hopefully that will make my articles shorter then. Ha. Yeah right.

People who know me personally know I love anime. Well that or anyone who read Day 2. Or any of my other 3 anime related posts. Well anyway, that wasn't always the case though and I wanted to use today's gif story to tell all about how I first got into anime and where I am now.

Day 4: My Exploration into Anime

I, like many kids, grew up with the usual kids shows on television. Dragonball Z


Pokemon, Digimon and Monster Ranchers

Oddly Enough even Hamtaro, when I was way too old and male to be watching it.

damn you're adorable
damn you're adorable

When I was in school they were trying out a new club format that they didn't have previously. I joined the cooking club, which I remember none of, but my best friend joined the "rap club". Basically they would go in and learn how to freestyle.

After the club period ended most of the clubs were forced disbanded basically because the people running the clubs couldn't (or wouldn't) stay after school anymore. Our teacher however was fairly chill and enjoyed the rap club and allowed me to join up since I walked home after school and didn't need to ride the bus. I really enjoyed it and I was pretty good.

A conversation came up about anime. I had no clue what that was at the time but my teacher was telling us about these really interesting movies that he enjoyed. He felt we were mature enough and we managed to talk him into bringing them for us to watch. We saw three films. Akira


. is he Jewish?
. is he Jewish?

and Spriggan

Probably not for 10 year olds but we were all pretty damaged already. Still that's when I first learned what anime was.

However, that's where the story ended for a long while. I didn't have any way to find more anime. This was around 1999 so I didn't have my own computer yet and the only internet we could afford was dial up.

The only thing I had to rely on was Fox Kids and Cartoon Network which was a good source at the time since they had awesome shows like Zoids and Tenchi.

Eventually time came and went. More channels started getting added to the television. I got cable. Around 2006 i believe was when the SciFi channel had put out their anime block late at night like 10 or 11. Ok, it was late at the time. Anyway, that's when I discovered shows like Vandread

It renewed my love for anime and I really wanted to watch more but at the time I knew nothing of watching videos online. I didn't even really use Youtube, especially since it was blocked in my high school. Still it was Youtube that caused me to find new shows. The first three shows I ever found on there were: Ouran High School

Ai Yori Aoshi and Ah My Goddess. Not in that order. They're still three of my favorite anime today, although I don't rewatch Ouran as much as the other two.

I really liked it's subtlety. Most American cartoons didn't have adult themes not related to comedy and and most live action shows the relationships were really physical. These anime had very slow building and subtle relationships and they were a nice change although now I get kind of annoyed when shows take forever like that.

There were other shows that I learned about that weren't as subtle though. Like some of the subbed animes I began watching once I discovered ways to. Shows like Girls Bravo and To Love Ru two of the first subbed shows I actually finished. Actually it was probably Kashimashi but I can't find good gifs for that one.

That's also the first time I learned about fanservice.

Anime has taught me a lot over the years. To be careful who you call friend.

To never give up no matter how impossible it seems.

That love isn't always simple.

I really loved anime.

I know you're probably curious about when I discovered hentai. Well I'm not going to tell you pervs. Lol. Well that was my gif story. It's a little all over the place I recognize. I need to work on my article structuring a little better. Guess I'll learn all about that in MPU next week. Alright, you know the deal guys, but in case you don't.

Here is the list of scenarios to choose from if you want to make your own:

  • An awkward family film viewing
  • A date that didn't go well OR exceeded expectations
  • Watching an emotional film :'-(
  • Watching your first Rated-R film
  • A horror flick that you were NOT ready for and/or haunted you for days after
  • When you have high expectations for a film and it flops
  • Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep
  • Watching a film and everyone else around you is on their phones/being obnoxious
  • That moment when you DIDN'T see the plot twist coming
  • Watching a film that's got you laughing uncontrollably

That's my time folks.


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