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These are the heroes that we all looked up to as kids and even, honestly, still do to this day. We should focus on the time our beloved heroes were actually the bad guy.

1. Wolverine

Wolverine is the tough, backbone of Marvel and always has been the character that will do whatever is necessary to make things right. In the "Killable" story arc in the comics, this doesn't hold quite true. In this new edition of Wolverine, a virus infects Wolverine, taking away his healing factor making him vulnerable. An old enemy of Wolverine's called 'The Hand' put out a hit for Wolverine. Almost beaten to death by 'Sabre Tooth,' Wolverine hit an all time low. He decided to take a position with the group of villains that infected him with the virus. The deal was that Wolverine helps in the take down of S.H.I.E.L.D in return for his healing factor. Wolverine carries out tasks and teams up with the supervillain group.


2. Spider-Man

Everyone thinks that Spider-Man has this amazing sense of morality, when in most cases he does. We need to focus on the times he straight up murdered a couple people.

1. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5, Spider-Man returns a fired missile back into The Finisher's tank, killing him.

2. Marvel Team Up #12, accidentally killing Moondark the Magician by hitting him through a portal over the Golden Gate Bridge, Spidey laughs it off saying, "Even I can't hang around cryin' over spilt magicians!"

3. Marvel Team Up #31, teaming up with Iron Fist, Spider-Man and Iron Fist kill Dorm the Backwards Man by reversing his age until he was nothing.

4. Web of Spider-Man #91, in an attempt to protect himself, Spider-Man shielded his body with Whisper-3 as Pulse-2 shot an energy attack at him, killing Whisper-3. Pulse-2 later committed suicide knowing that he accidentally killed his own member of the Death Squad. Spider-Man felt no remorse.

4. Ultimate Marvel Team Up #1, getting angry at a bystander's remarks about mutants, Spider-Man suffocates the man by webbing his face.

5. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, literally becoming a spider, he eats Morlun.


These deaths were deliberate or non remorseful kills, there are even more accidental kills on top of this list.


3. Daredevil

In the 'Shadowland' story arc, the ninja supervillain group called 'The Hand' decided that they wanted to take down Daredevil. The Hand gave Daredevil a deal, he would lead the armies of 'The Hand' or they would destroy the city. Agreeing to the terms, they possessed Daredevil and turned him into a demon. Daredevil went on rampages, even stealing Ghost Rider's signature Hell-Fire.


4. Hulk

Now we know The Hulk has had his moments, but here is one you probably haven't heard of. In a Hostess ad that ran from the late '70s to early '80s, Hulk made an appearance. Fed up with the loud music that 'The Roller Disco Devils' were playing in the streets, Hulk smashes the pavement and kills the gang by rolling them up in the cement. They literally were just listening to music.


5. Iron Man

Part of the 'Avengers' story line, a time-traveling super villain named Immortus, took control of Tony Stark's mind, while a teenage version of Tony Stark took control of a different Iron Man. Immortus' brain-washed Iron Man actually killed Avengers associates and started to attack 'The Avengers' team. The result actually killed Tony Stark, but he was later reanimated by Reed Richards.


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