ByJewellisa Vasquez, writer at

Ok, with everyone's reviews about Fantastic 4 being "a total let down," I kinda expected nothing special. But, since I am a total Marvel Geek, I fell in love with the movie!! A lot of people said it didn't make sense, but my guess is because it's an origin movie. (Talks about how they came to be) Although the first Fantastic Four's didn't do so well, I loved them when I was younger so I can't really complain. I thought they produced it really well and thought the cinematography was awesome!! They had an incredible score (that I'm probably going to download later.)

I think my only complain was the action was short. I would've loved to see more fighting between them and Victor. I was expecting "You left me here to die! Now I am going to kill you!" The portrayed Victor too much to resemble Ultron, in my opinion. But other than that I thought the movie was excellent!

(Miles Teller wasn't too bad as well *insert winky face*)


What did you like about Fantastic 4?


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