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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines
Collins Vincent

There are movies that are so successful that they go on to become mega- blockbuster franchises, but some never reach that stage and are killed before they reach full conception. In this case, R.I.P.D, which died a horrible death at the box-office and soured any plans for a potential sequel that the studio may have had in mind. Fear not though, some properties are worth saving and revisiting, even if it's not on the big screen. R.I.P.D could be the next best candidate for a TV series adaptation that does justice to the comic, thus, giving viewers another great comic book TV series to binge and watch until their eyes fall asleep.

First off, what was wrong with R.I.P.D? Well, the film just wasn't done in way that gave the impression that significant effort was put into it, therefore, it took a dive when it came time for its release. There was also the claims by people that it was basically an "M.I.B rip-off" that wasn't worth the money or time. In fact, the "M.I.B rip-off" label might have been the dagger buried in the film's heart that kept it from succeeding. Many things went wrong with the film, but a TV series could possibly correct these problems and create something that non-comicbook fans and viewers can both enjoy.

A TV series is actually what this property should've been in the first place.The TV landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10-20 years and has practically caught up with a number of big-budget movies. R.I.P.D could be done better on TV and made into a more grounded police/detective show with lots of action-adventure elements and great special effects. The lore from the comics could be expanded upon and used in a way that is more fulfilling to the source material. Characters would have more time to be fleshed out and storylines could play out more freely over the course of the show. The movie didn't give R.I.P.D the chance to distinguish itself from properties like M.I.B., but a TV series would allow the story to progress and ultimately become it's own thing without being called a cheap-knockoff.


So what do you think? Should R.I.P.D. pack up and move to the small-screen?


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