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So,let's get direct to the point.

There are so many people out there who still don't understand why Harry named his son after Snape?! And to be honest I was one of them till now.

And here is my theory,

As we all know how the story started- Voldy killed Potters and was after Harry's life and so on.But who told Voldemort about Potter's hiding?

Yes.!! It was Peter Pettigrew. Just because of Peter he (Harry)had to suffer from all the things like loosing his parents,living with Dursleys (not to forget they treated him like a scum) etc.

And why Peter did that? Yes. he was SCARED of the Dark Lord. And do you remember what Sirius said to him about betraying his friends,

"I would have died,I would have died rather than betraying my friends"

Harry had to live without knowing anything about the wizarding world,his parents, and how his parents died saving him from the most powerful dark wizard for like 11 years.He never got to know Sirius and Remus that finely.He never got to live with them.He never watched any quidditch world-cup with his parents,his godfather and favourite uncle moony.he never had a family for 11 years. all that because PETER WAS COWARD.He wasn't brave enough to save his friends.

And Snape on the other hand being a death eater and a bad guy he begged Dumbledore to save Lily his ex-friend. And not only that he asked the Dark Lord too to spare Lily's life

And after her death he turned to the right side.He became a double agent.

And let's not deny that we all know how terribly one's life would have end if Voldemort had found out about his most loyal servant from his inner circle was a DOUBLE AGENT!!!

Lily had end their friendship because of Snape's foolish mistake,but he was still recovering his mistake.He was filled with the remorse and shame.

He wished he had kept his words.

Snape risked his life for the son of Lily (who was no longer his friend) and James (whom he hated the most). He did exactly opposite of what Peter did.

Harry had lost so much because of one person's coward-ness and so he respected bravery.And lying to the Dark Lord was such a brave thing not everyone can do.

And so Harry named his son after the BRAVEST man he ever knew.!


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