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Being Eiffel Towered is no laughing matter when a campus serial killer is murdering college students.This week on Scream Queens: Chainsaw, Chanel #2, Sonja’s body has disappeared, a new college mascot career is “Cut-Short”, and the identity of the pregnant death KKT ‘s sorority sister comes into light. Fox’s Scream Queens is on a high octane with no signs of slowing down. As the KKT and sisterhood on the verge of collapse, can self-absorbed and future news caster Chanel O. manage to keep her sorority, her popularity intact and her relationship with Chad, played by Glen Powell, intact? And whose next to die from the hands of Red Devil?

As evening falls over the campus grounds, a congregation of students gathered for a special ceremony to commemorate those who’ve died by suicide, Tiffany and Boone. All the while, signs of, “ Not a Kappa Kappa Tau member,” are cautiously displayed around the event. Dean Munsch excited to announce the school’s new mascot Coney to mourners in hopes of avoiding any ties with the Red Devil murders. For mascot Coney, all is well for the vanilla cone flavored stud until a chainsaw wielding Red Devil cuts the cone’s head/topping clean off. Skylar, Zayday, played by Keke Palmer, and security officer Denise travel to what looks like Professor X’s School for the Gifted, is home of Sonja's parents. While looking for clues to her whereabouts, discover Sonja is an attention wanting alcoholic who was once in love with Chad in a letter found.

Chanel O’s closet, the size of a private library, considers it as her second vagina finds Hester Ulrich, played by Lea Michele, touching her things. It’s a clothing ensemble that would shame the Kardashians. With the promise of a complete diva make-over, Hester avows allegiance and transformed from ugly duckling into Scoliosis Black Swan. Dean Munsch and Gigi, played by Nasim Pedrad, bunk together at sorority house as chaperons . Before going to bed, Munsch, wearing her vintage R.M.S Titanic-looking nightgown, turns her white noise maker to the sounds of whales dying to sleep. (It even has screamer slashing sound setting.) As Chad and golf crew decide to hunt this Red Devil at night using baseball bats. It’s not long until they find Red Devil along with a twin and cut-short Chad golf brother’s arms and bats.

Again, watched the show twice. The snide remarks throughout the show, completely surprises me. Being a murder mystery fan and not candles, this show plucks both my dark humor and Colombo-like investigative nature. Not quite sure who’s the killer(s) but why solve it now. Both cast and plot twists leave me wanting to chat with fans until dawn. It a bit raunchy which suggest why the TV 14 rating. Adults, from the 80’s generation, will find Scream Queens one funny and intelligent show to watch with a familiar songs from 80’s group Wham! In closing, “Let's tell each other how we feel about one another. Find that tortured gay kid in your life and hold them close tonight.” I need a hug. Watch every Tuesday nights at 9 PM on Fox.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for MoviePilot,

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